Gratitude Journal w/ Affirmation Reminder TAT App APK

Gratitude Journal on phone. Use Gratitude & Affirmation to live awesome life.

Version1.5.6 (21)
UpdatedJun 24, 2017 (3 years ago)
DeveloperShirish Koirala
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Why we made this app?

This App is made with one thing in mind- easy to use. It is your very own “Gratitude Journal” on your phone. We have made this App in sincere hope this will make writing daily gratitude less time consuming. Writing by your hand on a diary and having to do that daily as a routine may be one reason we may stop doing it all together.
So we thought if it’s on your phone you can have that awesome feeling of gratitude whenever you remember, at home or at work. It is your journal and you should have it when you are in the vicinity of the things or people you are grateful for. You may want to write about it at that moment and TAT App does exactly that.
Moreover, you can put an alarm to remind yourself just “How awesome you life has been”. You have so many things to be grateful about and you should!

What are its features?

• Free and easy to use.
• Easy to use gratitude journal with positive affirmations on your phone.
• Getting started guide (How to write/use perfect gratitude and positive affirmations).
• Write what you are grateful for with a picture that remind you about that event.
• Write positive affirmations with a picture that remind you of your goals.
• Choose picture form gallery or capture it with your phone’s camera.
• Reminding you about your how grateful your life is (Gratitude).
• Reminding you about your goals (positive affirmations).
• Choose frequency of the reminder. (Inexact frequency to save battery life).
• Enable/Disable sound or vibrations of the remainder.
• Detail notifications
• Headsup Notifications
• Notification with images
• Require no internet connection to write and view your gratitude and affirmations.

What are our future plans?

• Adding functionality to backup and restore your data.
• Adding functionality to share your gratitude and positive affirmation in social network.
• Improving user experience.
• 6 Hours mute button.
• Please provide us with feedback, How can we make this app even better.

How to write Great Gratitude?

Title: Write it such that it is your version of things. Make it such that when you see the title everything flashes before your mind’s eyes.

Description: You feel like elaborating why you feel grateful to someone or something. May be its something they did for you or may be that object provokes a fond memory. Write about all that here. When you fill your description with that feeling of thankfulness, you will be more in love with that thing. And to enhance that experiment we’ve the feature to add a photograph of the things or people you are grateful for.

What is affirmation?

Affirmations are positive statements which have the power to change you. If you say to yourself “I am Awesome” it’s only time you become one. But what we do is we say negative things to ourselves “I can’t do that” “I am not beautiful”. Everything you think you are is so because you’ve affirmed yourself of it. Now use that same power of affirmation to transform your life and achieve your goals.

How to write Great Affirmations?

1. Start with the words “I am”- these words are powerful beware what you fix to it.
2. Write it in present tense
Wrong: I am going to buy a new Ferrari 360 Modena.
Right: I am enjoying riding my new Ferrari 360 Modena.
3. Make it specific
Wrong: I am enjoying riding a new car.
Right: I am enjoying riding my new Ferrari 360 Modena.
4. Always have a action word with “-ing” in the end and as you read visualize doing it in you mind.
5. Affirm to yourself, not others- You can only control your reality.
Wrong: I am watching John completing his work.
Right: I am effectively communicating about work to John.

“May you have a great things to affirm and an awesome life to live”
- Your Awesomeness Coach Ojesh Pokhrel

Email: shirishkoirala@gmail.com

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