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“I LOVE this affirmations app

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“I LOVE this affirmations app. It taught me to stop thinking the negative thoughts I didn’t even realize I had been thinking and think more positively . . . and then my life improved significantly. Simple, yet powerful! I can’t wait for more of your apps.”
Dan from Mendham, New Jersey

“You have so very generously given me the Key that has opened a vast source of knowledge. I’M GRATEFUL!!!” Darlene from Genesee, Michigan

CAUTION – Positive Manifestations Ahead!

Let Michele guide you into the realization that YOU control your own destiny. These affirmations opened the pathway for Michele to manifest her book, Peace in the Present Moment, Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie. Eckhart Tolle himself said it was “miraculous.” Michele wants to share with you the affirmations that helped her to transition from a 14 year verbally abusive relationship, and her life being threatened, to manifesting a life of her dreams. You can change your life too.

Positive energy and good feelings manifest when you acknowledge what you are grateful for. We take for granted a lot of the simple things in life without even realizing that we are truly blessed. Unfortunately, we look at what we don’t have instead of what we DO have.  When you are grateful for what you DO have in life, more good things come to you. Science has revealed to us that Being grateful for anything sends a magnetic force, a vibration, that attracts to you more of what you are grateful for.

Affirmations are positive statements, repeated over and over again, about your goals and desires, said with emotion. The thoughts you think become your reality.

Follow these 5 simple steps to success:
1. Be Present – Be here now.
2. Feel - When listening and repeating these affirmations, FEEL the words, don’t just say them - your emotions play a huge part in the process.  FEEL what it is like to already have what you desire.
3. Visualize - With visualization, you establish a clear mental image of what you want to happen; a process similar to daydreaming. The image is not of something that WILL happen, but rather it is a picture of it already done. As you say each affirmation, visualize it. Daydream on purpose!
4. Repetition - Repetition imprints the affirmation into your subconscious mind.  Science has revealed to us that the subconscious mind and our bodies cannot tell the difference between the real or the imagined. Your subconscious mind believes your thoughts.
5. Faith - You must believe that your statements are finding their way into your subconscious mind and that you are indeed planting seeds.

1. Within this app you will be able to control the volume for Michele’s voice and the background (waterfall and singing birds) separately.
2. You will also be able to pause, skip ahead, go back, see the length of the recording and the time left in the recording.
3. You will be guided through the process by Michele. As she sits in her garden, listen to her soothing voice with a subtle background of her waterfall and singing birds.
4. Experience affirmations at your fingertips.

The response to these affirmation apps has been overwhelming. People have reported to have found more peace, joy, hope, gratitude and success. They achieve a more positive self-image, personal happiness, an ability to forgive and better health.

“Michele’s comprehensive affirmations clearly show the listener how to recognize a negative thought as it comes up and how to redirect to create what they want.”
Lorane from Westlake, California

“I can feel the shift after listening to your affirmations. I can feel a difference in me. Thank you.”
Craig from Sarasota, Florida

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