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Aug 31, 2023

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Introducing Green Keyboard - the ultimate Android keyboard that puts the power of artificial intelligence at your fingertips. With a focus on our intelligent bot, GPT Keyboard Assistant, our feature-packed app transforms your typing experience and offers endless customization possibilities.

★ ChatGPT-powered Assistant: Meet GPT Keyboard Assistant, your virtual companion. With advanced natural language processing, it provides idea generation, code production, descriptions, real-time suggestions, text correction capabilities, and more! From answering questions to offering suggestions, GPT Keyboard Assistant is your go-to ally in every digital conversation.

★ In-App Browser: Say goodbye to switching between apps. Our in-app browser allows you to search the web, find information, and effortlessly share links while staying within the keyboard interface. Stay connected and multitask seamlessly without interrupting your conversations.

★ Stickers and GIFs: Express yourself in style with our extensive collection of stickers and GIFs. Choose from a wide range of content to add personality and fun to your chats. Let your creativity run wild and make your messages truly stand out.

★ Clipboard: Copy-pasting made easy. Our clipboard feature securely stores your most recent copied items, ensuring quick access to text snippets, URLs, and more. Effortlessly retrieve and paste information without the hassle of switching screens.

★ Limitless Customization: Personalize your typing experience with AI GPT Keyboard. Choose from a vast array of Keyboard Themes and Settings to suit your style. Customize the appearance, layout, keyboard sizes, and more, making your keyboard an extension of your personality.

With Green Keyboard, powered by a ChatGPT-based Assistant, your mobile communication experience reaches new heights. Say goodbye to mundane keyboards and embrace a world of creativity and intelligent assistance. Download our app now and revolutionize the way you type with Green Keyboard - your ultimate typing companion.
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