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Welcome to GREETO – Find your tribe!

Greeto helps in finding your tribe during professional and social events. Greeto helps in saying hello and connecting with people who share your interests and background.


Do people leave events – expos, tradeshows, conferences and social events - only to find out later they missed a great networking opportunity?

We all do.

How will people, visiting events, connect with 1,000, 10,000 or 100,000 other people?

How will people find their tribe – people with similar interests and background, during events & expos?

How will visitors to expos find and connect with exhibitors?

The answer is GREETO.

Greeto helps in discovering and engaging with people who share your passion and interest on real time basis. Participants – be it visitors, delegates and exhibitors in an event - use Greeto to reach out instantly to relevant and interesting people for meaningful and productive conversations.

Greet, Meet and Connect during events

In a conference people feel they could not discover and meet with all people who share similar interests and back ground.

Participants and delegates feel that they were not able to meet and network with other Participants or delegates. Everyone is busy attending the event or going around. Many of our interests and background intersect with others’ and we are keen to know those who are out there, who have similar interests and background.

During expos, it is quite common to find visitors who feel they could not visit many booths due to lack of time. They think they have missed out on some of the booths which are relevant to their interests and background.

On the other hand, exhibitors feel they were not able to meet all the visitors at the show or fair. They think they have missed out on some of the visitors who may be interested in their products and services.

GREETO’s technology solves above problems, by helping people discover each other based on their interests and background.

Where can I use GREETO?

Greeto can be used in:

Events & Expos Conferences Social gatherings

Greeto Benefits

• People can send greets or connection requests and the receiver can accept such requests
• People can message, email, call, WhatsApp their Greeto connections
• Save time by using messaging templates
• People can search using variety of key words and discover others
• Add text notes and voice-transcribed- text comments against each person
• Explore more by visiting linked-in profiles of Greeto connections
• Greeto is highly reliable and safe : All users are verified using OTP and identifiable using their mobile phone numbers
• Your contact details are visible only to people whom you accept as a connection. Also, you have an additional option not to display your phone number or email IDs

Thanks to Greeto, now you can now discover quickly people who are closer to you and who share similar interests and background and connect with them.

What is the difference between Greeto and other social networking apps?

Though social networking apps help in connecting with people around the globe, we miss out on people who are nearby especially during events and conferences. Greeto does a great job of finding people who are nearby and closer to you and who have similar interests , passion and background.

“Greeto is a great expo, tradeshow and conference networking platform that visitors and exhibitors love”
– Organizers of Vibrance 2019

“Greeto made the time of visitors and delegates more productive”
– Organizers of TechConflex 2019

What's New

We are very proud to bring you the worlds best event management application. Check out the new features and refinement listed below:
1. Event creation screen
2. Place holder for event logo, banner and welcome messages
3. Global chat
4. My profile
5. Unfriend
6. Bottom toolbar
7. Event list design
8. Notification for global chat, broadcast messages and connection requests
9. Picture upload in broadcast messenger
10. Skip tags at starting and catching up later

Email: support@greetoapp.com

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