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Grid Maker For Drawing creates accurate grids over your reference photo.

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UpdatedOct 20, 2020 (1 month ago)
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Grid drawing technique involves drawing a grid over your reference photo and then creating a grid of the same ratio on your work surface (wood, paper, canvas, …). You then draw the image on your canvas, focusing on one square at a time, until the entire image has been transferred.

Grid Maker For Drawing will help you create accurate grids over your reference photo.

Our grid drawing app also comes with a lot of tools that aids accurate and timely transfer of your reference photo to your work surface.


1. Option to take a new picture with your Camera.

2. Pick an existing picture from your Gallery.

3. Select an image from your favorite file manager (JPEG, PNG, WEBP)

4. Saved Images - Access all your saved images at your convenience.

5. Enable / Disable Grid drawing over picture.

6. Draw diagonal grids

7. Enter number of rows and Y-axis offset.

8. Enter number of columns and X-axis offset.

9. Select color of grid.

10. Enable / Disable grid Labeling.

11. Increase / decrease size of grid lines.

12. Measurements - get the exact image size (Pixels (px), Inches (in), Millimeters (mm), Points (pt), Picas (pc), Centimeters (cm), Meters (m), Feet (ft), Yards (yd))

13. Full screen mode

14. Compare Drawing - compare your drawing in real-time with the reference picture.

15. Lock Screen.

16. Pixel - Get the HEXCODE, RGB & CMYK value of a selected pixel on the reference photo.

17. Zoom in / zoom out of image (50x)

18. Enable / Disable Zooming

19. Add effects - Gray Scale, Cartoon, outline, Black & white, sketch, oil paint, old school …

20. Crop image

21. Rotate Image (360 degrees)

22. Flip Image vertically and horizontally

23. Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and hue.

24. Save and print edits.

25. Share Image

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