Grocery Ninja APK

The only grocery app out there with ninja sounds! Fast. Easy. Free.

Version1.5.0.3 (22)
UpdatedMar 04, 2016 (5 years ago)
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Let the Grocery Ninja help you with your shopping! Why choose this app over all those others? Its the only one with cool Ninja sounds!

A simple, low profile app, that makes it easy to enter your grocery list, and find items in the store quickly. Either select items from your common items list, or read your list directly to the phone. Because you can enter more than one item at a time by separating them with a customizable word ("beans AND corn AND dog food AND paper towels AND spaghetti sauce"), it's super easy to add items from other lists.

Create your grocery list, and the Grocery Ninja will sort your items by location in the store. Shop at more than one store? No problem! You can manage any number of stores, and even track the locations of items from store to store. If you finish shopping at one store and go to another, simply change the active store, and the items will be sorted based on their location in the new store. If you'd prefer to manage separate lists for each store, simply choose the "Group Items by Store" option, and all the stores will appear in your master list, identifying the items you need to buy. As you pick up each item you need, clicking the item in the list will cross it off, so you can see what is left to get.

Features Include:
* Easy list entry
* Voice data entry option (simply read your list to the phone)
* Manage multiple stores
* Custom build each store's aisle list or generate one from a common set
* Each item can be tied to a store location and/or a specific aisle
* Group items by store to view multiple lists at once, or specify a current store
* Sort items by aisle
* Remembers items and locations for quick entry into new grocery lists
* Portrait lock option to prevent screen from flipping when phone is rotated
* Each item in the list can include a quantity or custom note (i.e., "get the small red can!")
* Track how much you are spending by adding a price to each item in your list. Since the price is per store, you can track different prices at different stores.
* Cool ninja sounds when crossing off items from your list (with an option to turn them off, if you must)
* Backup your grocery database to SD Card for safekeeping or for when you switch phones.
* Store price can be optionally added to each item! If you choose to view the price (see options), GroceryNinja will show you the grand total of your list.

What's New

* Added better error notification when SD Card Backup fails

* Added notification about new Grocery Ninja Master app, now available!

* New feature to allow backing up Grocery Ninja database to SD card, so you don't have to start over with your list when you upgrade phones.
* Removed clunky SMS (text messaging) features.

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