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Version1.2 (3)
UpdatedNov 09, 2020
DeveloperKeen Ventures Services (OPC) PVT. LTD.
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Grojery App

Daily Online Supermarket

GROJERY is an online supermarket that delivers all your groceries and essentials at home daily by your decided area time window for bare minimum delivery charge of Rs. 2/- per day. In the GROJERY App you will find exactly the same groceries and essentials as in the supermarket, but for lower price.

The idea behind GROJERY
Grocery shopping is always a vital part of our daily living, but there are always more fun things to do. Yet we are often in the local market or supermarket and we do more and more ourselves. We select the fresh produce, weigh them, put in packaged items with the best date in our basket and wait in queue for the cash register. Carrying the weighty groceries back to home is boring.
GROJERY thinks it can be done differently: faster, easier and cheaper. The idea is simple. We arrange the groceries, so that you have more time for fun things. At GROJERY you can order all daily essentials within a few minutes and all for the lowest price. How is that possible? Everything goes directly to you, without expensive shops in prime location or large warehouses. You simply order on your phone and we deliver all groceries for the lowest price. Every day we are in your area at set times, just like the milkman used to be.
We also do not deliver criss-cross through the city, but we drive every day through specific area. For example, we take the groceries for the entire neighbourhoods in one go, we keep the delivery minimum and we save a lot of trips.

Always fresh, no waste
We do not store daily fresh and essentials items as in the supermarket for a few days. Everything goes directly from the farmer or distributor to your plate. That is why you always get a fresh guarantee on our products. An additional advantage is that we do not waste food. When you Order at GROJERY, we pick best fresh produce from our qualified partners. That way we never have to throw anything away. In this way we contribute to the environment together and we keep prices low.

Groceries delivered sustainably
At GROJERY, we think the environment is extremely important. That is why we deliver your groceries and essentials in 100% electric carts. They are environmentally friendly, do not make noise and do not emit pollutants.

Key Features
Easy Sign In
Multiple Address Management
Daily Subscription Management
In App Call Support
Product Attributes
Wish list
Organised Categories
Easy Product Search
Brand Filtering
Offer Coupons
Delivery Slot Status
Delivery Slot Scheduling
Multiple Payment Options
Contactless Delivery
Delivery Pilot and Vehicle Details
In App Pilot Call
Transaction Ledger/ Wallet.
Pop Up Push/ SMS Notifications
Real time Order Tracking
Instant Return Account Settlement
Auto Tax Invoice Generation
Niche Products Catalogue
Order Cancellation
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