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UpdatedJul 01, 2020 (4 months ago)
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Grosh is like no other grocery shopping app you have seen. It’s got an attractive modern design, can be updated across multiple types of devices, comes with intelligent suggestions, and helps you find groceries in the shop. It’s FREE and always will be.

1. Usage based suggestions
- Auto recording of purchase history and calculation of remaining stock
- After some weeks the app starts providing accurate shopping suggestions
- Items with low stock are red, orange items are already on the shopping list and green items are other items you buy often
- No more double purchases
2. Easy and fast to operate
- Add items quickly by auto complete against the directory
- Add items using barcode scanner
- Easy to enter quantity, preferred store and price, eg type '3 milk lidl 1.50’
- Auto categorization of grocery items
- Auto ordering of list according to the shop you are in
3. List backed up and synced across devices
- All lists, items and recipes are automatically backed up onto our cloud servers, so don’t worry about loosing your data
- See items being marked as bought as your partner shops!
- App available on multiple phone platforms, your partner doesn't need to have the same phone type as you
- Webapp available for your desktop web browser
- Watch app available for your smart watch
- Voice dication app available e.g. for your smart speaker
4. Lots of clever functions
- Create separate lists for grocery and non-food shopping needs
- Share shopping lists with family or friends
- Filter list to only show items tagged for a particular store
- Tuns off auto screen lock while you’re shopping
- Total sum of item prices on shopping list

Grosh is built by a small team dedicated to bring you the best shopping app ever. We publish frequent free updates and would love your feedback. Get in touch via our homepage Groshapp.com, our Facebook and Instagram page Groshapp, or tweet us @Groshapp.

Grosh is free and always will be. If you're a regular user, please consider upgrading to Grosh Premium to support the continued development of Grosh and get rid of ads. Also enjoy various features exclusive to Premium subscribers and premium support.

Grosh uses crowdsourced data to optimize your shopping experience in stores like Walmart, ACME, Trader Joe’s, Shop 'n Save, and Whole Foods. Grosh is not affiliated with or endorsed by any of the above mentioned retailers.

What's New

Grosh Light is a simplified and lightweight shopping app - and yet so powerful. Read more at https://groshapp.com/grosh-light

Email: info@groshapp.com

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