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Search and calculate GST HSN rates,SAC codes offline.

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⭐ GST Rates ⭐
⭐ GST Calculator ⭐

⭐ GST Calculator ⭐
✓ Simple Basic calculator.
✓ GST combined calculator.
✓ Works Offline.
✓ Calculate 5%,12%,18%,28% slabs inclusive price or exclusive price , using built-in buttons quickly.
✓ Calculate gst rates for services from one state to another state.
✓ Share calculations image to others, using built-in functionality.
✓ Search GST Rates
✓ Calculate product cost based on GST Rates

♦ GST Rate Finder ♦
✓ Find Product rates using key-words.
✓ Find Product rates using codes.
✓ Find Product gst hsn code using product name.
✓ Works Offline.
✓ Find Services sac code.
✓ Search and calculate.
✓ Calculate SAC.
✓ Tax Rates.
✓ Share gst/hsn rates.

♦ Disclaimer ♦
Rates provided by this app may not be the latest. There may be variations with Government's latest updates. We are not responsible for any wrong information and calculations provided in this app.

Calculate gst tax rates using simple and combined calculator. Search GST HSN tax rates easily, using chapter codes. Two type of calculator : one is for simple gst calculations. another is for gst calculations combined.

Email: creamstore.pub@gmail.com

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