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GUARDit - anti-loss of smartphone, life answer

1.0.1 · Feb 08, 2021

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Version1.0.1 (33)
UpdatedFeb 08, 2021
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GUARDit - anti-loss of smartphone, life answer app

GUARDit protects your “it”: smartphone, precious memories, life, peace of mind

★ If you lose your smartphone, you can buy it again, but you cannot buy your precious memories again.
➢ What an essential device in our daily life! A smartphone is an indispensable device that makes our lives easier by allowing you to search for information, shop, and take photos and videos to keep memories anytime, anywhere. Smartphones have been used as a payment method instead of a wallet or a credit card and also have been using ID cards such as resident registration card and driver’s license, and recently, as a key to home and vehicle. We can do everything with a smartphone.
➢ However, can you imagine the situation in which you lose your smartphone? Smartphones are already expensive devices worth over US 1,000 dollars, and if you lose it, the inconvenience is too enormous as you cannot use it immediately, and the financial and time loss required to find or purchase it will be too much. But the precious memories left with you and your loved ones will be irreversible.
➢ What is the meaning of GUARDit? It is a combined word of ‘GUARD’ and ‘it’. It is designed to protect and keep user's value and ‘It’ can be your smartphone, your precious memories, and your life.

★ Major differences between current apps and the GUARDit one?
➢ Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android phone provide apps (Find my iPhone, Find my lost device) to recover a smartphone after we lose it. However, these kinds of apps help you retrieve your smartphone after you lost it.
➢ Like a movie called “Minority Report,” starring actor Tom Cruise, released in 2002, the GUARDit app that prevents pre-loss of smartphones works like this movie by using the wisdom of experiential life in our daily life that prevention is more important than treatment. We use AI and US patented technologies to make the smartphone recognize the surrounding situation, calculate the probability of losing the smartphone on a real-time basis, and inform the user of the risk of losing the smartphone in advance according to the probability value. This is a really must-have app that sends rescue signals (SOS) to your family/friends.

★ Personal privacy should be protected safely!
Unlike normal anti-loss apps, GUARDit app does not require user’s personal information through subscriber membership registration, and does not store it in the server or smartphone.

★ And enjoy your relaxed and comfortable life!
The GUARDit app protects your smartphone, and while you are living, we always stand at the Crossroads like the poem ‘The Road Not Taken’ by Robert Frost. If you need some words of wisdom, then you can ask it from GUARDit. GUARDit will help you.

★ Epilogue
Today’s true lifestyle app, GUARDit! Install it right now to keep your peace of mind.

★ How to use it?
➢ Download GUARDit app and install it
➢ Allow for this app to use permissions of location during the use of the app
➢ Enter an SOS phone number without using ‘-’ and your nickname phone numbers at Setting submenu. If you do not enter the information, in case of a loss, GUARDit cannot alert your family/friend and you. The SOS phone number is a representative of your family, and all the family members share the SOS phone number.
➢ Setting at your smartphone: we recommend you to set up "Battery saver: No restrictions”, "Notifications: Allow sound and vibration", and "Autostart: enabling"
➢ If the loss of probability is still shown as 50%, then please activate “location” access at Smartphone’s Setting.
➢ Access permissions: it needs location permission to measure the location of the smartphone periodically

★ Do you want to know about GUARDit?
➢ To provide best services to you, we hear your feedback and always do our best, and also have a plan to support a social campaign for missing children as an extension of smartphone protections.

➢ Home page : http://Eureka.Help
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