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Guide, tips&hints 2021 New Doctor Mod for Among Us

1.0 · Apr 17, 2021

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Guide, tips&hints 2021 New Doctor Mod for Among Us app

Among Us' Doctor is incredibly helpful,it allows players to revive fallen allies

This guide 2021 new Doctor Mod for AMong Us will give zou the best tips, hints and strategies to play and enjoy this super good game.
In the months since Among Us has skyrocketed in popularity, modders have flocked to the game. Many of these fan-made mods have made Among Us more exciting, and that includes one Among Us Mod that adds a Doctor role. While modders have developed many new roles for Among Us' Crewmates, Doctor might just be the most fun. Here's everything players need to know about the Doctor role and why it changes Among Us for the better.

There are some great mods out there that can add roles like Sheriff and Vigilante to Among Us.
New Doctor Mod AMong Us is one of the best games 2020&2021.
Most seem inspired by another social deduction game, Town of Salem.
The Doctor mod in Among Us is useful for a number of reasons, but it can really change the way the game is played. Because of this, it's best for all players to agree on using the mod beforehand, rather than using the Doctor role with a group of unexpecting strangers.

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Among Us' Doctor role is incredibly helpful, as it allows a player to revive fallen allies. With the Doctor mod installed, the role will be randomly assigned to one player. Having a Doctor in Among Us is game-changing, since it allows killed players to return to the game, although there are some precautions players need to take before playing.
This way, everyone can have the maximum amount of fun without worrying about other Among Us players cheating. Before starting a game of Among Us with a Doctor, players need to agree that revived crewmates won't reveal the identity of the Impostor who killed them. Otherwise, the game would be over as soon as the Doctor revived someone. This can get a bit tricky, especially as revived players continue their tasks and try to avoid the Impostor. It also puts a major target on the Doctor's back, since Impostors will want to get rid of this player as early as possible in order to stop Crewmates from being revived.

Among Us can be extremely fun with role-playing and new roles, and the Doctor mod can really change how the game is played. Currently, though, playing this way relies on the honor system to keep revived crewmates from revealing the Impostor's identity. Because of this, playing with a group of friends is recommended when using the Doctor mod, rather than playing with a group of strangers who are more likely to break the rules.

Adding in new and interesting mods continues making Among Us fresh and fun. With its ability to raise the dead, the Doctor mod is a real game-changer. With the right crew, the Doctor mod can make a game of Among Us even more entertaining.

This guide & helper New Doctor Mod for AMong Us give you all Informations you need.


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