This is the story about taboos made by them


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Feb 10, 2022
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Guilty Rapunzel GAME

This is the story about "taboos" made by them
Can they escape from the bad carma brought by this guilt…!?

The original story based on Grimm's fairy tale Rapunzel
with a time slip factor!!
The key word is "thunder"

What happened to them!?
Please get at the truth with your fingers and eyes! 


A married couple had a baby.

One day, the pregnant wife could not eat anything but the rampion (rapunzel) grown in the witch's garden.

The witch asked to have a newborn baby instead of letting the wife eat the rampion.


This is the taboo we made,
the story of guilt.


The story about certain husband and wife.

I am Emma.
I don't know my real name.

He is Hans.
I don't know his real name.

I am happy being Emma as long as he calls me so.

He turns to me when I call him Hans.
So may he be Hans.

For us who have always lived only
with each other,
names are nothing but names.

We have no parents.
Ever since we were little, we survived drinking rainwater
and sharing/eating a root of a tree.

We disguised ourself in the darkness of night
to live.

We ended up in this fertile land,
got a job and our life became stable
so we became husband and wife.

One day when I was having bad morning sickness,
the fresh rampion planted in the huge garden next door
caught my eye.

I want to eat that rampion…

Ever since then,
I could not eat anything else,
got thinner and became sick.

Oh, if I cannot eat anything for a while like this,
I will die and leave Hans alone…

Please, Hans,
I want to eat that rampion…



My mother calls me so.

Mother combs my hair every day
and does my hair.

She told me to cherish my hair,
and I keep my hair growing very long.

I can hear mother.
I wound my braids round the hook of the window,
and let the rest of hair fall down outside the window.

While I wait for a bit,
mother climbs up the tower by my hair
and comes into my room.

She told me that I live on the top of a very tall tower,
and this is the only way for her to enter this room.

She cannot get inside of this tower if I am not here.
So I have never left this place before…


◆◇This is recommended to those who◇◆

・likes myths
・likes fairy tails
・doesn't have time but wants to play games
・wants to do simple and easy games
・likes Japanese games

This app is the Japanese translated version.
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