Guitar Fretboard Note Trainer by Justin Guitar APK

Learn the notes on the guitar fretboard fast with this easy and fun app

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UpdatedMay 26, 2020 (4 months ago)
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The Justin Guitar Fretboard Note Trainer is an app to help you learn the notes on the guitar neck (one of the most essential skills for progressing guitarists) using some awesome, fun and progressive games that you can play anywhere!

It has four training modes, Name The Note where you have to name the note shown on the neck, Find A Note where you have to find a given note on the neck in all 6 positions, Memory Quiz 1 where you have to name a note having been given it's position, and Memory Quiz 2 where you must name all the notes across a given fret (a tough one!!).

There are some "Easy" options for those just starting out to limit your range of answers.

You also have an audio option to hear the notes as you select them!

If you really need to cheat you can swipe your finger diagonally across the fretboard and all the notes will show for a second :)

I'm sure you'll find this app very helpful, all you need to add is practice time!

Best wishes, Justin

What's New

We've updated the app to use the latest Android libraries.

We've added a fretboard reference section to the app so that you can revise the notes on the fretboard.

There is also the option to be tested on Whole Notes only (no sharps or flats).

We've also fixed an issue some users were having with the settings not setting correctly, and where strings weren't displaying correctly in left handed mode.

If you have any feedback or ideas for the app then please let us know.

Email: justin@justinguitar.com

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