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1.0 · Mar 20, 2017

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Gun Sounds game

Free gun sounds! Unreal shooting game: AK, sniper, pistol, shotgun, grenade etc

Free gun sounds! The real gun sounds simulator is the most realistic simulation shots of weapons. This application contains this types of weapons: pistol, machine guns, sniper rifles, minigun, shotgun and grenade. This collection of sounds will suit everyone who is interested about differences between different types of weapons. So if you want to play war or shooting games with your friends or just want to prank or scare someone, then this collection of gun sounds for you!
The gun sounds game is not a weapon used to harm people rather, it produces sounds of different guns. The game is just a soundboard that produces gun sounds by tapping buttons on the face of your mobile device. With this game, you do not have to possess any dangerous weapon to hear the sound of a gun. Besides the fun and excitement that you can get from having and playing this game, you also get to learn the sounds of different guns.
New Guns Sounds game features:
• Very realistic and powerful gun sounds
• Here you find High quality guns Images
• Simple UI with 8 guns choice
• Easily to use, just click on button and it will shoot
With Gun Sounds you can:
• You can prank you friends, girls or girlfriend, boys or boyfriend with this application
• Pretend to shoot your dog or cat with Gun Sounds
• Listen to high quality clips of powerful classic guns

Gun Sound application contains shooting sound of this guns:
• IMI Desert Eagle: semi-automatic handgun notable for chambering the largest centerfire cartridge of any magazine fed, self-loading pistol.
• AK-74 "Kalashnikov”: automatic rifle model is an assault rifle developed in the early 1970s by USSR designer Mikhail Kalashnikov as the replacement for the earlier AKM (itself a refined version of the AK-47. The rifle first saw service with Soviet forces engaged in the 1979 Afghanistan conflict.
• FN FAL: semi-automatic fire battle. During the Cold War it was adopted by many NATO countries, with the notable exception of the United States. It is one of the most widely used rifles in history, having been used by more than 90 countries.
• AS 50: 50 BMG sniper rifle manufactured by Great Britain. The AS 50 enables operators to engage targets at very long range with high accuracy using explosive or incendiary ammunition. The AS 50 is designed for the British Armed Forces and United States Navy SEALs.
• M24 Sniper Weapon System (SWS) is the military and police version of the Remington Model 700 rifle, M24 being the model name assigned by the United States Army after adoption as their standard sniper rifle in 1988. The M24 is referred to as a "weapon system" because it consists of not only a rifle, but also a detachable telescopic sight and other accessories.
• A shotgun is a firearm that is usually designed to be fired from the shoulder, which uses the energy of a fixed shell to fire a number of small spherical pellets called shot, or a solid projectile called a slug. Shotguns come in a wide variety of sizes.
• M134 Minigun – fury, six-barrel rotary machine gun with a high rate of fire (2,000 to 6,000 rounds per minute) which can also fire at a high sustained rate. It features Gatling-style rotating barrels with an external power source, normally an electric motor.
• The grenade is a fragmentation hand grenade used by military force. "Pineapple" grenade used since World War II. The hand grenade has an effective casualty radius of about 15 meters (49 feet). Its fuse delays detonation between 4 and 5 seconds after the spoon is released.

The game is not designed to promote violence as it only gives the sounds of the guns. The game is available for users of compatible devices that run on the Android operating software and can be downloaded from the Google Play store. It takes a few clicks to download and as the size of the game is not large, it can be downloaded in a couple of seconds. Make your phone more fun and exciting by downloading the Gun Sounds game.


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