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How to get a weapon and use it in this Guns & Weapons Mod for MCPE?

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How to get a weapon and use it in this Guns & Weapons Mod for MCPE?
You need to craft a weapon from an recipe book. Almost all of the Minecraft weapons can be crafted by using iron ingots, redstone and gunpowder and also use all specific ammo that you need to craft a weapon that you want. Don't forget that differents weapons have they own user interfaces. You can choose between two sides of your screen where you will place Aim button and shoot button. Each MCPE weapons can be used in two sides of screen.

Finally Minecraft PE mods is a simple way to change the user interface and an look of your game. This are most complete app at the world of Minecraft mods. You will be able to expand your in game experience by installing this Guns mod for MCPE. We strongly recommend install this mod for much wider quantity of Minecraft mods.

All you know that the most downloadable mod is Guns for Minecraft, and all gamer make this search every time while opening a game. That is why this weapons mod for MCPE must be number one in your list, because it contains not only Guns for Minecraft, it also contains specific ammo and shields. You can recieve it all just by downloading this mod and use it to gameplay to Minecraft for free!

MODS will work only with MCPE so first of all you must install NEW GUNS that are available for MINECRAFT PE. In this Guns Mod for MCPE you will be able to choose for more then 35 weapons, that contains for example an AK47s, grenades, ray gun, gravity guns, sniper rifle and much more guns for Minecraft PE.

So this guns mod is an most advanced weapons mof for MCPE with a full collections of any type of guns. Don't forget that Guns & Weapons Mod comes with differents UI (User interfaces). So try to use all of them and see which weapons can do an explosive damage to creepers.

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