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Not just haircuts, hair color can also give a certain effect on the hair. Starting from the skin that looks brighter, the face looks more gaunt, until the hair looks thicker. In other words, if one chooses hair color, instead of looking cool, your appearance might be far from what you expected. Especially for you who have thin hair, this time we will give a hair color recommendation that can make hair look a little thicker, and maybe, more volume. Of course our recommendation is not magic, some colors will look more ideal if supported by proper structuring techniques as well.

Trying ash brown color is the right choice if you want to try gray but not brave with too gray color. This color will be suitable if you have a cool tone skin color with pink undertone, because ash brown has a touch of blue and gray color that makes the color becomes pale almost gray. Make your black hair so cool with golden highlights. The color of this one hair trend is suitable to be applied to the basic color of black hair. Luxurious impression will be instantly felt when you change the hair color to golden brown. Suitable for you are lively and active.

This hair color trend has been there from a few years ago, and it will still be happening. Many colors ombre that you can choose, but the color of the blonde and gold color of the most popular in 2018. Tips for you who want to try this color, make sure the hair roots remain black yes, for a beautiful gradation effect you can get. Blonde hair color trends is not going anywhere! In fact it has been modernized to look more white or less yellow. If you are thinking of really wanting to try this trend color, you should be ready to face the risks because the lighter your hair means the chemicals in hair are also more and more. Therefore, do not forget to do deep treatment once a week yes.

The blue color will never seem to go out of style! If you have not dared to ombre with bright colors, blue color could be your choice! The blue color of the hair will retain the original color of your hair! The next hair color trends are gray. Many hairstylist that use blend technique balayage and babylights, to get bright colors and beautiful dimensions. Let the hair root color stay dark, then you will have a beautiful shade of gradation.

The main tips to get around the hair is to choose a dark color, especially in the root to the chin. But that does not mean you can not experiment with different colors and coloring techniques, because the contrast created from two or more colors can make the hair more dimensional. If black hair makes your scalp visible, you can outsmart the hair color that one even two levels brighter than your natural hair color, such as dark chocolate.

Look at other brown hair colors that we recommend. Can start from auburn color or dark brown color variations. This hair color can make your hair look thicker, especially if assisted with the right hair model selector, for example bowl cut. Another variation of chocolate that is also suitable for the owner of thin hair is dark caramel color. Although it looks a little tinge of light brown, hair color is still safe for your hair.

For beginners, hair color for thin hair this one can be tried. So named because it looks reminiscent of the color of coffee is a favorite of millions of people in the world. Black with brown sparkle when exposed to light. Feel free to blend safe hair color with lighter colors. Hair color for our favorite thin hair next is a blond chocolate ombre that not only can get around thin hair, but also can make your appearance more trendy!

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