confused the eye makeup during the celebration of Halloween?

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Every October 31, the world celebrates Halloween. A festival that originated from the Celts, the ancestors of Europeans. Because Europeans love traveling, this culture come spread to other continents such as America and Australia. Halloween Festival is celebrated using spooky costumes. Children around to the neighbors' houses while saying "Trick or Treat". Yes, that phrase means "Give us our chocolate or jahili". Nowadays, children are free to bully the homes of people who are considered stingy. Usually they decorate the tree "the stingy" with toilet paper.
Symbols used universally Halloween is a pumpkin shaped like a scary face. The character is called Jack-o-Lantern. In the Jack-o'-lantern is usually placed a lighted candle or lamp to make it look more sinister in the dark. This culture originated in North America which is a pumpkin-producing area.
Usually halloween costumes and Halloween masks used side by side. But wearing a mask makes you difficult to communicate with your friends when the Halloween party event. One solution is to use a halloween makeup.
1. Corrective Makeup
Is a form of makeup that is both enhance and change the physical appearance is considered less than perfect. Corrective makeup is a type of makeup is most often done by the community.

2. Cosmetology fantasy
Fantasy makeup makeup is an art which aims to create the impression of a model's face into a form of delusion conceivable, but immediately recognizable by the viewer. Data fantasy makeup is also an embodiment of delusion a beautician who want to depict fantasy in the form of flowers or animals with makeup, painted in the body, hair and accessories. This is the kind of makeup that are typically used during the celebration of Halloween.

3. Cosmetology character
Makeup to change the facial appearance of a person in terms of age, race, nature and the specific characteristics inherent to the character. From century to century, from year to year more and more women care about physical appearance. The Victorian era who became a symbol of the resurrection of the world industry of cosmetics and makeup. Is one of those moments that makes human beings increasingly familiar with makeup or makeup. These conditions make the makeup or the makeup be of crucial importance in the life of a woman of any group or society.

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