HaloMe, a chat platform online that is popular among the young.

HaloMe,a chat platform online that is popular among the young.No need to go outside,you can still enjoy chatting with your friends,sing songs or play games at home,enjoy your amusement life.

We have:

1.Popular chat room allows you and your friends from all over the world to speak freely whenever and wherever you want. No matter the day and night, you are no longer alone!

2.You can enjoy the entertainment effect of KTV with a little click in the popular sing rooms , listen to the beautiful songs of others, show your beautiful voice, and you will get appreciation and friendship in the music.

3.Cool gifts, buy beautiful and cool gifts to send, let the other party understand your love and approval, you may get unexpected surprises!

4.Customized games, you can set up MC and guest seats in chat rooms and sing rooms , you can make the rules of the game as you like, just make everyone cheer up together!

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What's New

Update content:

1.Add new users guidence, let you quickly learn how to make friends in Halo me

2.Treasure hunting function in chat room: seven opportunities everyday,as long as you meet the specified conditions and you are on mic,you can open the treasure box to win awards!
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Latest Version

Version2.5.4.560 (560)
Updated2019-04-02 (8 months ago)
Installs 100,000+

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