Paper, Pencil, Ruler, Poster Board, Eraser, Paint, Paintbrush

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Paper, Pencil, Ruler, Poster Board, Eraser, Paint, Paintbrush
People who are used to writing on smaller scales use lines as guides to keep words straight and uniform. Hand letters require making larger and more ornate words and arranging them to fit within a frame. Because there is little room for mistakes, hand letters and signing paintings of demand perfection, which come with practice, time and effort. However, once learned, these useful skills are ideal for many projects and businesses.

What you need
Poster board
Paint brush

Start with a familiar font. Before handling more difficult letter hand styles, start with a common style. Direct mail is easier than cursive because getting the right stream is difficult when the letter is bigger than normal. If the variation is desired, try opening a familiar font with a line style that you can fill with color to add a difference to the painting of the mark.

Practice often and start small. If the font is hard, keep practicing on a smaller scale using paper and pencil. Slowly increase the handwriting size until you reach the mastery. Repeated attempts to paint ace ace will definitely increase the chances of creating a superior final product.

Make measurements. Knowing the measurements of such signs and text is important to ensure that everything will fit properly. Just measure the width of the poster board and divided by the number of letters and spaces to find out how big into the hand of the letter of the word. For example, a 12-inch-long mark that requires the words "Team Go!" The outer-lettered hands need enough space for eight letters including the space between words and exclamation points. Which leaves a width of 1 ½ inches for each letter, space or punctuation on the poster board.

Use a thin pencil line as a guide. Working with a ruler, lightly draw a pencil line on the sign surface. Lines help to keep handwriting straight, and you can easily remove them after the painting marks are done.

For additional help with difficult hand letters, use a pencil to pull out the box outlining the exact measurements. This ensures that no piece of writing goes over the selected space.

After the letter, beautify the mark with hand painting. The pencil marks made by handwriting will disappear under the paint, leaving a beautiful signature. Use two colors to create a shadow effect on hand letters, or accents with glitter. Small design painting on the sign to improve the word also works well as long as the configuration does not interfere with the letter.
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