Hangovr allow you to have fun with friends around a drink or more !


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Dec 6, 2020
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Hangovr drinking game APP

Hangovr is there to brighten up your wild evenings. And that in just 4 steps!

1: Enter the name of participants
2: Choose a theme
3: Choose your options (number of rounds, number of sips, etc.)
4: Play!

You can create your own questions and challenges and then add them to your games!

Hangovr has over 900 questions and challenges in total, so you'll have plenty of fun for any party to come.

What's more, Hangovr is completely free! You just have to watch an ad before you start a game.

Also, Hangovr was developed and designed by two students, please give them a hand using the app. You can find them in the credits if you want to know more!

Icons used:

- Freepick from www.flaticon.com
- Becris from www.flaticon.com
- Gregor Cresnar from www.flaticon.com
- Pixel perfect from www.flaticon.com
- Good ware from www.flaticon.com
- Vitaly Gorbachev from www.flaticon.com
- Google from www.flaticon.com
- Flaticon from www.freepik.com
- Those icosn from www.flaticon.com
- dmitri13 from www.flaticon.com

Privacy policy :

Personally, I don't collect any user information, but the program I used to develop this app does.

I therefore link the confidentiality policy of the program:

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