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The End of Manual Expense Reporting.

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UpdatedJul 23, 2020 (3 weeks ago)
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Join 3500+ businesses that have transformed expenses by digitizing their expense management process with Happay.
Features :-
Our app helps you report & submit expenses, travel reports, request advance money, track mileage digitally, from anywhere at any hour, thus, dramatically cutting down the time you would typically waste if you were doing the same from your office.
Our App can auto-create expenses for you using your messages and bill receipts.
Happay’s app also makes life easy for managers who are otherwise burdened with stacks of expense reports waiting to be approved. Through the app, they can view and take action on reports and requests as they come in, with just a click of a button.

Happay app is a powerful, AI-powered and intuitive expense management app for businesses. With Happay’s app, employees across organisations can capture and track their business expenses, digitise expense receipts and submit travel and expense reports for approval with ease and on-the-go. Our mobile app also helps employees comply with their company’s policies through automatic policy checks and informs employees about policy violations in real time.

Our core mission at Happay is to help employees capture their business expenses automatically, in the easiest and quickest way possible. One of the ways we enable this is via our SMS Import feature.

Auto-extraction of expense data via SMS Import:

Many of our users use their personal or corporate debit/credit cards to make expenses on behalf of their company. Every time they swipe their card they get a transaction SMS from the respective bank. Our SMS feature helps employees convert the data in these transaction SMSes into expense entries directly in their Happay account - so that they don’t have to waste time manually creating expense entries. This feature also ensures that the expense data is captured accurately, without any errors. Since Happay takes care of expenses, employees can focus on things that matter.

When employees use the SMS import feature, they select the cards/accounts via which they make business expenses and authorise Happay to use only these cards/accounts to auto-extract data. This way, employees are in total control of which data can be used by Happay. Happay then reads only these SMSes, extracts the date, time, merchant name and amount, and populates it in the employees Happay account. Employees can quickly take a photo of the bill, add the expense to a report and submit it for approval in seconds.

How Happay transforms your expense management process :-
1. You can download the app or use your computer to create & submit expense report or travel reports, request money in advance, track mileage in less than 4 minutes !
2. Or get a Happay Card from your company. Use Happay Card for all business expenses. These expenses are auto-captured in the mobile app. Click a picture of the receipt and save yourself the task of managing it. If your company has not been signed up with Happay, don’t worry, let us know and we will set you up in 15 minutes.
3. Done!
So, no more spending hours on weekends compiling all receipts and creating expense reports. Save those precious hours for doing better things!

Write to care@happay.in or call +91-80-61776177 to get a free trial for your company.
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Team Happay

Email: support@happay.in

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