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UpdatedMay 10, 2019 (11 months ago)
Release dateApr 30, 2019 (11 months ago)
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Happy Milk Glass - Fill the sad glass

Your glass is sad, make it happy again. Fill it with milk from the tap and give it smile. Find the perfect strategy to channel the milk into the glass and give it a happy face.
Happy milk glass is a game of drawing lines using immense creativity at every stage of the game.
Find the best way to fill one, two, or even three glasses of milk without spilling them on the floor to earn the maximum score.
Spillage results in decreased ratings in any stage of the game. On the other hand, non-spillage rounds, gives you extra points and bonusses.
When faced with an impossible scenario, be creative, and find new solutions to the problem. Otherwise, you lose points and keep your glass of milk unhappy :(
Complete each level with Happy milk glass and move on to a more elaborate setting that requires more thinking.
Happy milk glass is meant to entertain but at the same time, allows you to think outside the box to find a solution.
Draw to complete each level. Use the pencil on your screen to trace the correct line that will lead you to the glass and fill it with milk.
Use straight, curved, convex, concave, elevated, and depressed lines to draw out a perfect path in order to fill the glass.
A happy milk glass scores you more points; which is why it is necessary to draw correctly. The milk tap won't stop running until a threshold has been met.
• Impressive bright background graphics for clear view of drawings • Cool music
• Over 100 levels, from easy to hard
• Great game to tease your brain and relax your mind
• Beautiful in app design
You will be happy to get Happy Milk. Download and try the game today!