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Reflect on 3 good things, share photos & memories, find joy every day 😄

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Happyfeed is a daily gratitude journal app that helps you focus on the bright side by reflecting on positive moments or gratitudes each day. Create a journal, or "happy feed," of positive memories you'll love to explore while training your brain to express gratitude, feel more grateful in life, and become more resilient.

• Add photos and locations (optionally) to your posts
• Daily happy memories from your journal weeks to years ago
• Join a Pod to share progress and select moments in small groups
• Custom prompts - reminders, quotes, and fun facts each day
• Tag your best days with an emoji
• Free, unlimited posting forever
• Fully private: only optional sharing with Pods

*Explore Your Happy Memories
After your first week, you’ll be able to hop back to memories from your gratitude journal exactly a week ago. This period grows from weeks to years and becomes another source of happiness throughout your day.

*Pods: Journaling Together
Pods are small, private groups where you can share your journaling progress and favorite moments. It's a place to connect with your friends, your partner, your family, or anyone. Imagine a feed of only personalized, happy moments - that's Pods!

*Unique Reminders Daily
Every day our team writes a custom daily reminder to help you remember to enter your moments. This could be a quote about happiness, a fact about this day in history, or just a fun little joke to try and brighten up your day.

*Happiness Jar
After your second week of recording moments on Happyfeed, you'll be able to use the Happiness Jar to view a random past day and all your positive memories. It's a fun way to boost your mood and feel a little more thankful every day.

*Benefits of Gratitude Journaling
Keeping a gratitude journal is an effective practice in helping to reduce stress and anxiety while improving your overall happiness. It's as simple as writing down 3 good things each day (or night). Especially in tough times, the practice of actively reflecting on what you are thankful for can help you refocus your thoughts on the positive. Recording what you are grateful is a proven self-care technique with proven benefits by positive psychology.

*Sync On All Your Devices
We also offer a web version where you can upload and view your past moments - just check out our website after signing up. Your moments and photos are privately synced to your account so you’ll never lose them. Just another reason to be thankful!

*Private & Secure
Your moments are only visible to you and never posted publicly. All cloud syncing is securely encrypted using HTTPS endpoints.

*Your Account
An account is required in order to keep your moments safe and to allow you to view and manage them across multiple devices. If you lose your device, you won’t lose all your happy memories. You may choose to share your location to provide you with meaningful data on the places, people, and things that help you find happiness.

*About Us
We designed Happyfeed to be a simple way to be grateful each day and build a happy feed of all the best moments in your life. Each feature in Happyfeed is intended to follow best-practices from positive psychology research - so your time is well spent. It's a simple habit that can make a real, positive change on your mood and become a more mindful person :)

What's New

We made a few small updates to performance and interface adjustments. Also, experimenting with reducing app size and bugs! 🐛🙅‍♀️

Email: hello@happyfeed.co

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