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Hats don't only function as accessories and headgear. In ancient times the hat was a symbol of one's social status. At that time, hats were worn on certain occasions, for example in royal marriages. However, now hats are a practical accessory for everyone. If in the past, hats were made specifically for family members, now everyone can make their own hat with the desired style. The basic thing that makes hats more popular is their practicality.

Hats are suitable for various activities
Going to school, playing or working doesn't hurt using a hat. Of course this is tailored to your needs and goals. Playing and watching casual shows doesn't hurt to use a hat.

In the military world, hats are used as one of the attributes that must be used. Likewise in the field of police and pilots. In the field of sports, hats are used to avoid sunlight which will dazzle the eyes of athletes. Hats that are specifically used when you travel to the mountains are available. Each of these caps has a different shape as needed.

The types of hats you need to know

Forest hat
Basically, a forest hat is a bucket hat equipped with a rope. As the name implies, forest hats are used by people who like adventure in the forest. This hat is commonly used by mountain climbers and forest guards.

Driver's hat
The driver's hat is a hat that is quite popular nowadays. The many special design hat services that use trucker hats as a medium make people no longer lie down. Trucker hats with net material or nets on the back make users feel cold and not sweat because of the smooth flow of air to the hair and scalp without closed cloth.

Baseball cap
This hat is used by baseball players as a support for playing performance so as not to be fascinated by the sun. Now baseball caps are considered trendy fashion items along with many fashion campaigns that always spawn the latest style ideas.

Hat bucket
The bucket hat is now back in a more modern design. This bucket hat is perfect for those of you who like the impression of being relaxed. This hat has an outer ring cap that thickens around it.

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