An app to manage day to day running of your hatchery and incubators

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Hatch Master is an app to help you manage the day to day running of your hatchery and incubators using any smart phone.
The app was developed to keep track of your hatchery providing you with all the information you need to know and have, at a touch of your screen phone.
Hatch Master is a very simple to use app as it was designed with usability in mind with some great features:-
1. Specify incubator that is been used,
2. Choose incubation breed,
3. Specify number of eggs set per breed,
4. Choose reminders, we will remind you when the time comes
5. Add some notes to your hatching batch,
6. Get reminders of candling days,
7. Get reminder of setting up the brooder ring,
8. Forced entries of fertile eggs and unhatched eggs,
9. An inoculation register with enforced entries
10. Movement of chicks either to the brooder or sales,
11. Brooder ring tracking with daily sales and mortality entries

Hatch Master is a subscription app and will require some information from you (email, phone and name) in order to subscribe you.

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Hatch Master 2.0.0

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2.0.0 (10) 2018-11-12
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