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Haunted: Earn Cash Reward Make Money Playing Games

1.0.1 · May 27, 2021

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Haunted: Earn Cash Reward Make Money Playing Games game

Earn cash - Make money by playing a Free addictive Survival Shooter Horror Game

Haunted is a survival horror shooter game in which you have to protect the little boy Anslem, who is currently in a nightmare and is under attack from his toys that have become evil monsters. Control Anslem's movement with the joystick (he shouldn't come into contact with the monsters, and also, he obviously shouldn't be hit by whatever they shoot at him), and kill the enemies by tapping on them with your finger (Anslem immediately fires bullets at the enemy you touched, till the enemy in question dies).

So how do you make the money?

Know this, "Easy Money" is a myth, if it wasn't, terms such as "poor countries" or economic crisis won't be.
"Haunted" is the only video game where you can make real money by an addictive, entertaining and thrilling horror shooter game.

The game consists of three modes, namely: "Free mode", "$25 Dollar bounty", and "Play, Win, Earn" modes.

"$25 Dollar bounty" is perhaps the most sought after mode in "Haunted", given the huge reward. The rule is simple, the enemies attack Anslem in waves, if you resist up till and defeat the 10th wave, you are rewarded with $25, straight to your PayPal account. It's as simple as that. Bring up those e-sports skills sleeping in you, who knows, maybe this could be the beginning of a long and rich e-sports career for you, starting with haunted, the free to play survival shooter horror game that helps you make money online.

How does it work?

How is this possible? You may ask. "Haunted" just shares back the revenue we earn from advertising, and turns it into free real prizes and rewards for the players.

How do I win?
✔ Train with the free mode.
✔Play one of the competitive modes, follow the rules and make your money while protecting Anslem.
✔ Withdrawal: Withdraw the money to your PayPal. Yes, that’s all there is to it, it’s as simple as that. Imagine how much you could make in a day/week/month if you play "Haunted" consistently and continuously…the value could reach thousands of dollars, if of course you’re good at the game.

"Haunted" is the best, easiest and surest means of making extra side cash, while having fun and enjoying an awesome horror movie, also, it is better than all other apps that claim to help you make money because it not only truly rewards you with real money, but makes you have fun!

Why is "Haunted" Unique?
✔ You can play as many times and whenever you want to (there are NO “come back in an hour” or “Wait for x minutes before getting tickets to play”).
✔ Game is not exaggeratedly hard, and doesn't depend on luck or hidden algorithms, you control what happens in the game, and if you are good at playing, you will make money.
✔ Absolutely no part of your personal info is required, nothing, nada. The only info you provide is your PayPal email address during cash-out.
Why would you play anything else?

Email: bimbuhgames@gmail.com

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