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Order fresh, healthy and curated home made food for delivery online.

About HausKhaas

We at HausKhaas aim at redefining meal times at home. Food need not be restricted to cooking ourselves (just boring!) or eating from restaurants (unhealthy, recycled and same-old, same-old). You can now eat exotic, genuine cuisine that is made fresh and healthy in kitchens like yours and mine.
The services are currently available in few areas of Pune.

Well, with HausKhaas you can now reach out to many more such home chefs and order fresh, curated home made meals that will be delivered to you at your doorstep with a click of a button.

How it works?

1) Visit our website at or download the application on your android phone
2) Select a meal or combination of meals from a range of carefully curated selections of the day.
3) Select the time-slot when you want your food delivered at your home.
4) Give your contact details and the OTP code
5) Place the order, and then sit back and focus on what is important to you – Your work, family and friends.
6) We will take care of delivering a home cooked, fresh and “exciting” dinner to you at your doorstep!

Why order your meal from Haus-Chefs via HausKhaas?
Food by the Home Chefs represents an anti-restaurant culture. It stands for:
1) Fresh – unlike restaurants, it is on demand and therefore ingredients are procured after an order is placed.
2) Healthy – unlike restaurants, home chefs have higher standards for healthiness. They feed themselves and families in the same kitchen with similar ingredients, therefore maintain basic standards for healthiness and hygiene.
3) Customized – unlike restaurants, home chefs are willing to listen to the foodie and customize to the tastes – like less oil, less heat, well done meats etc
4) Genuine, honest cuisine – Food is made by home chefs who are passionate about their food and love what they do. They are not restaurant line-cooks who are just doing their jobs to earn their daily wages.
5) Unique and non-populist – The dishes are often unique and special. Like a Jackfruit biryani or a mutton Rann that is cooked for 3+ hours to allow the flesh to just melt off the bone..

We take care of every bit of your food:
1) We commit to ensure that we do our bit to save the environment. All our HomeChefs use 100% biodegradable materials to pack the food. The delivery boys use recycled paperbags to carry your food to your houses.

2) We commit to providing healthy, nutritious and complete weeknight meals. All our meals will have 70gm – 100gm of carbohydrates; 130gm – 150gm of protein in the form of meat, soya, panner or lentils; and 150gm – 250 gm of vegetables.

So go ahead – order your meal and enjoy a guilt-free, honest-to-good “exciting” meal delivered to you at your doorstep!
For more information visit: