HC Verma Solution app is a simple app for all jee aspirant.

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HC Verma Solution app is a solution of concept of physics written by H. C. Verma. It has two volume and it is used by almost every jee aspirant.
this app has solution of both volume and they are available online.
Chapter 1: Introduction to Physics
Chapter 2: Physics and Mathematics
Chapter 3: Rest and Motion Kinematics
Chapter 4: The Forces
Chapter 5: Newtons Laws of Motion
Chapter 6: Friction
Chapter 7: Circular Motion
Chapter 8: Work and Energy
Chapter 9: Center of Mass Linear Momentum Collision
Chapter 10: Rotational Mechanics
Chapter 11: Gravitation
Chapter 12: Simple Harmonic Motion
Chapter 13: Fluid Mechanics
Chapter 14: Some Mechanical Properties of Matter
Chapter 15: Wave Motion and Waves on a String
Chapter 16: Sound Waves
Chapter 17: Light Waves
Chapter 18: Geometrical Optics
Chapter 19: Optical Instruments
Chapter 20: Dispersion and Spectra
Chapter 21: Speed of Light
Chapter 22: Photometry
Chapter 23: Heat and Temperature
Chapter 24: Kinetic Theory of Gases
Chapter 25: Calorimetry
Chapter 26: Laws of Thermodynamics
Chapter 27: Specific Heat Capacities of gases
Chapter 28: Heat Transfer
Chapter 29: Electric Field and Potential
Chapter 30: Gauss's Law
Chapter 31: Capacitor
Chapter 32: Electric Current in Conductors
Chapter 33: Electric Current
Chapter 34: Magnetic Field
Chapter 35: Magnetic Field Due to Current
Chapter 36: Permanent Magnets
Chapter 37: Magnetic Properties of Matter
Chapter 38: Electromagnetic Induction
Chapter 39: Alternating Current
Chapter 40: Electromagnetic Waves
Chapter 41: Electric Current Through Gases
Chapter 42: Photo-Electric Effect
Chapter 43: Bohrs Theory and Physics of Atom
Chapter 44: X-Rays
Chapter 45: Semiconductor and Semiconductor Devices
Chapter 46: The Nucleus
Chapter 47: The Special Theory of Relativity
*Very simple design.
*Simple user interface.
*More features will be added.
If you find any difficulties or have some suggestion for improvement, please feel free to contact me at:vanskrt@gmail.com

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