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1.0 · Jun 04, 2021

Download HD Video Projector App - Video Projector APK for Android - Free - Latest Version


Latest Version

HD Video Projector App - Video Projector app

Now watch HD videos in better quality projector in your phone.

HD Video Projector App helps to watch videos in HD quality on projector.
Now watch high quality HD videos on wall from your mobile as projector.
Select any video from your video gallery & view that video on phone projector.
You can set projected themes from different themes given here.

Video Projector has lots of animated themes available for free to use.
Now you feel that you can watch videos on HD projector.
A lots of default animation given here to view on projector.

Features :-
* Lots of default projector themes available.
* Select your favorite projector themes to watch the videos.
* You can select video from video gallery.
* HD video projector supports many video formats.
* Default animation themes given here.
* Fun to watch HD & high quality projected videos on your mobile.

Disclaimer :-
HD Video Projector Application developed for entertainment purpose which makes fun for you.
A better Video projector simulator you getting here.

Email: tangshan.0182.technologies@gmail.com

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