HDMI - Phone To TV - Pro, Show your Android device in your TV.

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Free download HDMI - Phone To TV - Pro 20.1.1 apk app latest version for android


HDMI - Phone To TV - Pro is a Free App
Android HDMI To TV Checker app it's an HDMI software for Android HDMI connector, as well as connect android tablet with HDMI input,if your android tablet has no HDMI input you can connect MHL adapter to HDMI splitter or HDTV to HDMI cable to tv HDMI output.

HDMI for android lets connect phone to tv screen using USB HDMI cable, HDMI cable, HDMI splitter , MHL adapter, USB cable, VGA cable ,MHL adapter, HDMI switcher or USB otg, USB supporter.

No more hunting for lost remotes, just use this application:

The home screen widget allows quick switching of video sources without needing to open the application, usb contact
cable hdmiconnector for android phone and tablet to tv you can connect phone to tv screen using usb hdmi cable, hdmicable, hdmi-splatter, usb cable, vga cable, mhl connector or usb otg
Also allows you to toggle the power on your switcher;

- automatically download USB plug in device drivers

- Automatically start application on hdmi hub device connect!

- Notification when drives dvi to hdmi mounted!!

- Load modules required automatically!

- Automatically open the hdmi switch mounted drive 10 Media scanner triggered on mount.

- automatically download usb plug in device drivers

- usb contact

- Smart USB

- USB supporter hdmi adapter easy

- hdmi software for android

Note and Disclaimer: Works with its own cable.

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HDMI - Phone To TV - Pro 20.1.1

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20.1.1 (20) 2018-11-19