HDMK Remote Control application for HDMK Karaoke Players

Version1.6 (18)
UpdatedJun 15, 2020 (4 months ago)
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This is YouSingHD HDMK Remote Control application used to wireless control and order songs for the HDMK Karaoke Player sold by YouSingHD.

The HDMK Karaoke Player acts as the Host and this application once installed on an android device acts as the client.
To pair the Android Application to the HDMK Karaoke Player select More from the Navigation Menu and choose Connect to host machine, either input the IP address of the HDMK Unit or bring up Settings from the Menu and use the Android Device to scan the QR code to connect. Once connected, choose Synchronize Songs to update the latest songs to your Android device. This application is also used to remote control the HDMK Player with the following functions:

1. Play / Pause
2. Vocal on / Vocal Off
3. Replay
4. Next song
5. Volume Down / Volume Up
6. Tone key change Flat / Natural / Sharp

Other than the Remote Control functions, it also searches the songs Hosted by the HDMK Player by:
1. Search Song Titles using Vietnamese Characters or English Characters.
2. Search Song Tiltes using first initials of name, eg. You're My Heart You're My Soul can be searched by YMHYMS
3. Search Artists using Vietnamese Characters or English Characters.
4. Search Artists using first initials.
5. Search by Song Number Code.

You can browse songs by their Genre, Store your own personal favorite list for quick selection in the next Karaoke Party.

Use the Application to request for creation of songs not currently in the Unit and YouSingHD will produce the song and update in the Songs Catalog.

What's New

fixed cloud catalogue display issue.

Email: admin@yousinghd.com

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