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Health and Fitness Guide. Live 10-20 yrs longer. Best advices to live healthy.

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Live 20 yrs Longer
We have a few products that can extend your life by 10-20 yrs. Good health forever.

Weight Loss Why?
Fat is the worst enemy of health. learn how to reduce your fat.

Heart Care
Heart problems are biggest reason of death in our country. See what you can do to have a healthy heart.

Diabetes Control
Diabetes is spreading everywhere. See what you can do about controlling it.

Low Calorie diets
Low Calorie diet is essential to living healthy and longer. See our suggestions on what diet you should take.

Exercises to do
Exercise is only way to maintain a young health. Learn exercises that benefits your body and soul.

Eye Care
A few Eye care techniques you should know.

Skin Care
A lot of people are facing skin problem due to pollution and dryness. See what you can do.

Hair Control
Oils and Nutrition that help in having healthy hair and avoid baldness.

Anti Ageing Creams
Ageing cannot be avoided but it can be slowed.

Blood Pressure
High Blood Pressure is very common, See what you can do to maintain your Blood Pressure.

Health Tips
Read a few tips that can keep your family healthy and smarter.

Weight Calculator
Know if your weight is correct, if not maintain it.

Calorie Calculator
Learn how much calorie you should take daily for a healthy life.

Depression Cure
Due to rising work pressure, lots of people even child are in depression. Know what you can do to avoid depression.

Fitness Equipments
Here are a few tools and equipments for every house to keep your family healthy.

Our weight calculator will give you advice depending on your weight, height and BMI measurements.

Download this app to keep your family HEALTHY and FIT.

What's New

Added new features

1. Weight Calculator
2. Calorie Calculator

These will give you information about your BMI and physical status and what you should do to get a better health and fitness.

The amount of Fat & Carbohydrates you need daily and much more depending on your Age, Weight, Height and other details.

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