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Quran Majeed sy Rohani elaj.Health in the Quran is an islamic application urdu.

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Health is the Quran is complete islamic book in urdu.You can treatment your sickness through Quran.Quran is best book in the world.
This app contains QURAN se ilaj which is called also Rohani Ilaj. We can solve our all problems by reciting QURAN and in this app there are too many AYAHS which are from the SURAH'S of QURAN.
By Rohani Ilaj we can treat our all of medical problems. like fever, pain, heart problem , ear pain, stomach pain, etc and many other problems which we are having in our life.

Quran is The Book of Allah revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The Holy Quran is not only a guide for humanity but a source of healing too. It is a cure for evil eye, psychological and physical ailments.

The Holy Quran says in Surah-Al-Isra, 17:82: And We send down of the Qur’an that which is healing and mercy for the believers….

Every verse of The Holy Quran has a healing effect. The Holy Prophet (SAW) focused on some specific chapters and verses, for example, Surah Al-Faateha. The recitation of Surah Al-Baqarah, the longest Surah of The Holy Quran, keeps the Shaytaan away. In the same way, Mu’wadaitain, the last two Surahs of The Holy Quran are recited to seek the refuge of Allah from the Djinn and the evil eye. It is preferred to read the verses in a loud voice so that the body cells respond to the sound waves. The healing power of The Holy Quran is undeniable.
Sound has been known to affect the molecules of water. A Japanese Scientist performed an experiment on water and observed the behavior of water molecules when subjected to different sounds. The sound waves emanating when The Holy Quran is recited causes the water molecules to change their shape and offers healing properties to the body. As the human body is 70% water, any sound we hear, affects us.
Quran sy elaj ka tariak.Qurani ayyat sy elaj.manzil sy jadoo ka toor.kaly jadu sy hifazat aur bachao k liye manzil daily parhen.is k elawa mahe ramadan mein mein Quran ki tawat krny k elawa mahe ramadan k bad b Quran ki daily basis pr tawalat kren kun k har bimari ki shifa Quran sy mumkin hai.

App Features
Easy to install and uninstall
User Friendly app
Eye catching interface
Easy to zoom in and out
High quality content

Extra features

App has some extra feature its has Islamic general knowledge urdu funny jokes urdu storties etc.
I hope you will be happy playing with this beautiful application.

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