Heart Rate To Virtual Power APK

Get virtual power from your heart rate monitor & broadcast to apps or head units

HR2VP is a digital power meter

❤️⚡️⚡️ Get power from your BLE heart rate monitor (or ANT+) while training indoor or outdoor ⚡️⚡️❤️

Broadcast values (using BLE or ANT+) to apps such as Arcade Fitness, Zwift, or to GPS head units

Use HR2VP for indoor training

🚴‍ Cycle on the bike trainer
🏃‍ Run on the treadmill
🚶‍ Walk on the stepper
🚣‍ Do exercise on the rowing machine
⭐️ Use HR2VP as a standalone training app
🌉 Or use as a bridge between your heart rate monitor and other virtual sport apps such as Zwift or Arcade Fitness
⚡️ Heart rate is a good indicator for indoor training but power is much better. It allows a more precise training especially for hiit or sweep spot
🌈 Take advantage of color codes to visualize your watts and identify different zones
👟 Power is broadcasted over Bluetooth Low Energy but heart rate as well and running speed (in running mode only)
📡 Convert ANT+ HR into BLE HR, for example with Garmin watches

Use HR2VP for outdoor cycling or running, connect to your GPS or watch with ANT+

🚵‍ Run or ride outdoor
🛰 Keep track of your training with GPS
⏱ Visualize your training intensity in real time as well as total distance, speed, heart rate, total calories burnt
⚡️❤️ Record your power and heart rate and then upload the activity to Strava
🏋️‍ Train with power and take into account other activities or workouts for your training load such as :
🚲 Commuting
🚵‍ Mountain biking
🏃 Running
⛷ XC skiing
🏔 Hiking
🏃‍♀ Trail running

Our power matching algorithm

⚡️ We did some deep research and lot of simulations to find a good relationship between heart rate and power
⚡️ It takes into account variations, not only instant value
⚡️ Our advanced matching algorithm will help you train more precisely
⚡️ Heart rate doesn't tell everything about power, especially with sprints or in the anaerobic or neuromuscular intensity level, but it still detects rhythm variations in less than 10 seconds where your heart rate can take up to several minutes to reach the steady state corresponding to your training intensity.
⚡️ Enter your own parameters such as FTP (Functional Threshold Power), weight, rest HR and max HR

Switch off phone and spare battery, the app runs in background

The app is free to try for 8 minutes workouts. For longer training, you need to subscribe in order to unlock the time limit.

💪💪💪 Get fit and increase your performance with our digital power meter HR2VP! 💪💪💪

HR2VP has been ANT+ certified

More info on our website: Link: http://hr2vp.com

Need some help or have feedback? Contact us per mail: contact@bipr.fr

Our app is compatible with most BLE and ANT+ heart rate monitor on the market such as Polar OH1 and H10, Garmin HRM Dual, Wahoo Tickr fit, 4iiii Viiva, Sigma R1, Lezyne Heart rate Flow Sensor, Scosche Rhythm24, CooSpo IP67...

What's New

3.0: Cadence support
2.5: heart rate bridge BLE -> ANT+ fix
Fix for ANT+ broadcast with BLE heart rate monitors
Lifetime in app option
2.2: Estimate best FTP parameter online with power to heart rate correlation (require gpx exported from Strava)
2.1: More intuitive Strava pairing
Limit up to 15 minutes
2.0: ANT+ certified. Broadcast power, heart rate and running speed

Email: contact@bipr.fr

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