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The verb tables are an essential tool in providing learners the proper basics of the Hebrew language. We believe this its offers something different, more sophisticated and more innovative. Our primary objective was to create a high-quality product to help learners understand the principles of Hebrew verb construction and conjugation.
Not only do the book’s many grammatical and visual innovations give the digital book an attractive and modern appearance, they also serve as an important and effective tool in the learning process. Throughout the book, the letters comprising the verb root are printed in a different color, thus visually reinforcing the regularity and unique structure of each verb form in the seven verb groups (binyanim). Moreover, all verbs are printed with letters denoting vowel sounds (ke'tiv malei), as is common in contemporary Hebrew, as well as in the shortened vowelized (ke'tiv Xaser) form. For both forms, the vowel marks are also printed, thus demonstrating our up-to-date approach.
The book is divided into three parts:

- Hebrew-English Dictionary comprising 4000 useful Hebrew verbs translated into English.

- Guide to Hebrew Verbs. This guide is more complete and comprehensive than the dictionary, and includes verbs from spoken language and even slang

- The Verb Tables. A list of the 264 tables in the book serves as a table of contents

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