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Ordinary hedgehog or European hedgehog is a mammal from the genus Eurasian hedgehogs of the family of ezhovyh. It is widely distributed in Europe Asia Minor Western Siberia northwest Kazakhstan the Amur Region northern and northeastern China.

Ordinary hedgehog is an animal that is active at night. Does not like to leave his home for a long time. The hedgehog day is spent in a nest or other shelter.

Nests are built in bushes pits caves abandoned burrows of rodents or in the roots of trees. Usually the nest occupies a diameter of 15-20 cm there is a litter of dry grass or leaves moss. With the help of long middle fingers hedgehogs take care of their thorns. The animals lick their breasts with tongue. Males are aggressive towards each other jealously guarding their plots. The area of ​​such sites is 7-39 hectares in males and 6-10 ha in females. Moulting in ordinary hedgehogs occurs slowly usually in spring or autumn. On average for a year only one needle changes from three. Each needle grows 12-18 months. In nature these animals live 3-5 years in captivity can live up to 8-10 years.

Ordinary hedgehogs are quite fast animals for their size. They are able to run at speeds up to 3 m/s are good at swimming and jumping. When walking and running hedgehogs step on the ground with the entire foot. Like many nocturnal animals the hedgehog is poorly developed eyesight but they have a sharp sense of smell and hearing. In summer, the pulse rate is 180 cuts per minute during winter hibernation the frequency drops to 20-60 beats per minute while the hedgehogs make only one breath per minute. With the onset of frosts European hedgehogs tightly close the entrance to the burrow and fall into winter hibernation. Usually such a hibernation lasts from October to April. During hibernation the body temperature of the hedgehog falls to 1.8 Over the summer he needs to store as much fat as possible because if an ordinary hedgehog gets into hibernation without a sufficient supply of fat then in winter it risks starving to death. After hibernation does not leave the socket until the air temperature rises to 15C. Ordinary hedgehogs lead a solitary life but they live nearby. Adult mature individuals try not to approach too close to each other but they live nearby.

Thanks to the work on the study of the European hedgehog in New Zealand it turned out that once in a new environment hedgehogs "forgot" their antisociality and were more willing to spend the night in common nests. In addition, hedgehogs not only included the fruits of native plants in their diet but sometimes they almost completely replaced them with the usual animal food.

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