Hedira: Plants are for life APK

Hedira: Plants are for life


Hedira gives you smart plant care advice and keeps your houseplants alive! 🌱


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Aug 23, 2021
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Hedira: Plants are for life App

Hedira - Bringing you back down to earth.

Hedira is a free app that allows you to become the plant guru you were born to be! 🌱
There's a bucket-ton of benefits of having houseplants around the home. From improving wellbeing and increasing creativity, to helping sleep and purifying the air around you. But you probably know this already, which is why you're looking in the app store for a plant helper (Pick us! 👋)

With so many different houseplants available, all with different care needs, it can be hard to keep track of what to do! 🤯

This is why we have created the perfect tool to help you connect with your houseplants and know exactly how to care for them.

What are some of the things Hedira can do?

⏰ We calculate your ideal plant care schedule based on the species of plant and the conditions of your home

👋 Receive a notification when it's time to care for your houseplants - no more excuses for forgetting!

💡 Learn where you should be placing your plants in your home

🏠 Make sure you buy the right plant for your home

🧠 Learn more about your houseplants with our descriptions, tips and fun facts

🥳 We even let you name your green friends

We're an app that actually LISTENS to our users' feedback, which means that by joining Hedira you can have a direct impact in helping others and building the best plant app EVER (yeah that's right, we said it.)
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