Heli-Shooter :Shoot Helicopter APK

War game to Shoot helicopter,bomber plane,warship, paratrooper ,tank with cannon

Version1.7.5 (175)
UpdatedJul 27, 2016 (4 years ago)
CategoryGames, Action

This game is about the war between the good and the evil. It is a war in between the armies of Orange wolves and the Skeletor.

Heli-Shooter is a shooting game where you need to shoot down various helicopters, planes , warships, paratroopers and suicide bombers using a cannon and various types of cannon balls.
This is a action and adventure game in which you need to be continuously on your toes to keep the enemy away from the only cannon you have. This is a classic game for all kids and people of all ages. This is a game where you need to shoot ,shoot and shoot at every thing you see on the screen till you destroy each and every enemy personal.
The game is based on a theme where the player is about to go on an adventure i.e. a battle
against the evil with the few weapons that he has. It is an adventure because he has to fight alone
against the combat choppers, battle ships ,fighter planes, bomber planes , bombing helicopters,Tiny little troopers ,blasting tanks /cars and the main villain of the game the pirate Skeletor. There is no body to help. The player is a last defender of the kingdom of orange wolves, and he has a cannon to fight on land and a gunship to fight in sea.

The Legend behind the enmity between the Skeletor and the Orange wolves goes like this.

It was an era when the army of Skeletor ruled the sea and the the nearby territory. One of the darkest era of human history. They ruled cruelly un-till they were checked by the army of the Orange Wolves. Beaten and defeated the armies of Skeletor went underground waiting for the right chance to take revenge. And now after so many years the time has come for the revenge.
The kingdom of Orange wolves is cracking after the death of its king. It is up to you now , to protect the kingdom from the raging armies of Skeletor. Unfortunately, Skeletor has got hands on the modern weapons, combat planes, helicopters, bombs, tanks, warships, suicide bombers and paratroopers, But the kingdom has faith in you, You can be victorious even with the only cannon and the Gunship you have at hands. You can loot the various bombs from Skeletor though. You can loot the Fire bombs, Zig-Zag bombs, 6-in-1 bombs and simple bombs from the Skeletor.

This is a world war , a war to save the world, a war to save the righteous, the war to defeat the evil.
This is a real life chess requiring strategy to go ahead. In Heli-Shooter you have to have a strategy, to survive through the difficult phases and levels. You have to be carefully in using various types of bombs you loot. Without a strategy one will not be able to survive against the mighty army of evil. Going ahead does not mean killing each moving thing you see, saving ammunition for the right time is also a good strategy some times.

The tools for the war does not matter ,The courage and will does !!!!
It is only you who can bring the pirates flag down. Beat the pirates in such a way that they never dare
again to look towards our kingdom. You are the Last defender so hope for the best and last for ever.
Good luck.

Email: s4mdevelopers@gmail.com

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