Hello English Pre-Primer is an English book for Pre-Primer (L.K.G) class.

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Hello English Pre-Primer is combined with best techniques from proven language teaching. This book is containing the chapters like The Alphabet, The Vowel, Use of And, Use of This/That, etc.

In today’s era, education has become advanced. Here is a package of Blueray e-books which is fully loaded with advanced study tools to enhance the knowledge, skills and learning ability of a child. Features of e-books are detailed below:

1. Flipbook: If you are facing problems in interaction with e-books, Flipbook feature unites the ease of interaction with the efficiency and increased value offered in today’s era of e-reading technology.

2. Magnification in/Magnification out: When you want to get closer to the interactive content, Magnification in/Magnification out option helps you to get a closer look at a high-quality image that deserves a more detailed and deep study. 

3. Search and find: When you want to look at some important words inside the content, Search and find option helps you to steer straight to the desired words.

4. Bookmark: When you want to add some interesting part as a bookmark, Bookmark feature allows you to add a bookmark and also you can jump to specific bookmarks.

5. Thumbnails: When you want to see every larger image at an instant click without opening it, Thumbnails feature reflects a small image of a larger image, thus make it easier and quicker to look and manage a group of large images.

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Hello English Pre-Primer 2.0

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