Hello Ice Scream Crazy Neighbor: Scary Horror Game APK

PLAY NOW! Scary Ice Scream crazy neighbor horror game & kill ice cream man

Version1.1 (2)
UpdatedMay 16, 2020 (2 weeks ago)
DeveloperHacksaw Gamers
CategoryGames, Simulation

This new horror theme scary game is about 2 kidnapper bad Ice cream men, who use creepy ice cream truck to kidnap people and take them in their scary crazy neighbor ice cream shop, you have to spy and see what these bad ice scream neighbor men are doing in this ice cream scary neighbor creepy game and stop them one by one and rescue the people from the horror game.
You start off in this creepy game and horror game walking in the scary street when u hear a noise, so u go and see an ice cream truck and the scary Ice cream neighbor clown is putting someone in his ice cream truck but be careful Ice cream clown doesn’t see u or he will get you and take u to his spooky café. Now follow his ice cream truck to see where freaky ice cream clown goes. Stop near his ice cream shop, and see him take person out of his ice cream truck and inside. Next go inside truck and find that Ice scream man puts poison in his ice cream that he sells, pick up a key, and use it to go inside ice scream shop from backside. Then Go inside, find an electric switch box, open it and connect red green and blue wires to the ports in this scary creepy horror game. Then u get a card with password written on it, remember it. Now go to ice scream truck without being seen by bad ice scream neighbor clown, grab bottle of poison from truck and go inside, put inside drink of scary neighbor ice cream man, he drinks it and gets knocked out in this horror game, scary game and creepy game.
Now go find the people locked in room doing scary scream, go to horror game door and enter the password you got earlier, go inside and free people, cut the rope. Next go to bad ice scream neighbor clown to kill him, he tells u that it’s his evil brother, the big crazy neighbor ice scream man who is doing all this and takes these people and tortures them, grab rope and tie this scary neighbor ice cream man on chair and go to big crazy neighbor ice scream man, pick up a crowbar outside and break window of his ice cream shop to get it. Go inside and find scary neighbor ice cream clown with a person tied up, be careful he doesn’t see you, go and find a rod in ice cream shop, now find a match box and then find some fuel. Use match and fuel to light rod and make a rod withe fire, Clown hears u and is coming for you, hit the ice cream man with rod before he gets you, and then free the prisoners in this horror game, scary game and creepy game.
So what are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD NOW! And play Hello Ice Scream Crazy Neighbor: Scary Horror Game to catch the evil ice scream man in this scary neighbor game.
Hello Ice Scream Crazy Neighbor: Scary Horror Game Features:
• Easy and smooth Controls.
• Highly detailed scary characters
• Stunning 3D graphics.
• Unique and challenging levels to kill scary ice cream man

Let’s see how if u have what it takes to find and kill scary neighbor ice scream man in Hello Ice Scream Crazy Neighbor: Scary Horror Game”: Enjoy the most anticipated scary horror game of 2020!

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