Hello Neighbor's Dog Of Crazy Strange House APK

Try To pass The gameplay in the strange house

Version34.1 (34)
UpdatedMay 17, 2019 (1 year ago)
DeveloperCasa DelGames
CategoryGames, Simulation

Do you Love Scary Houses games ?

everything is fine but your neighbor opposite is very awkward, he left the strange house very suspiciously and constantly his house windows and doors are closed.

You become interested in what your neighbor is hiding and you go to his house where horror is waiting for you behind his closed doors of rooms but to open them you need to find the keys to open the doors and solve the secrets, if the neighbor's dog notices that you are in his house he will try to catch you. Follow you need to avoid it, so as not to get caught in the arrogant neighbor captivity who has the been injustice.

Scary Neighbor house Game is an new awkward adventure survival escape mania game, where the player has the task to sneak into Scary Neighbor house and found that he is doing some suspicious activity, escape and do not get caught his eye.

Do You want to know who your Neighbor is? All you know is that, he is super scary and mysterious. You tasks is to investigate & say hello to the neighbor in house without getting caught & escape safely.

If you get caught, you are done! On a serious note, there is a dead body and grave in his house as well.

try your best to do the job ! So Good Luck! install Scary Neighbor's Dog Of Crazy Strange House now and enjoy the gameplay, Hello dog of Neighbor is a game where you got a strange suspicious neighbor, who is absolutely crazy and he is coming from future. You decide to enter your neighbor's house .

You are cautious that he is up-to something

Hello Scary Neighbor's Dog Of Crazy Strange House Features:
• Auto save game so you don't have to play from the beginning every time.
• Level By Level Mode
• High Quality 3D Graphics!
• Amazing Sounds!
• Smooth and Easy Controls!
• Interesting activities!
• Addictive

Info help you to pass the game are made to guide The gameplay in the strange house Is a kind of a game of hide and seek.

Your goal is to uncover all the secrets of your crazy neighbor and not to fall into his eyes, but it’s no longer fun.

Email: olgalukins@gmail.com

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