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Guided meditation with staring, breathing & swiping exercises to focus the mind

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HERE combines meditation practice with interactive exercises to quickly restore your sense of peace and wellbeing. Our game-like staring, breathing and active finger exercises stimulate both sides of your brain and provide focus for that wandering mind. HERE is a powerful, neuro-scientifically effective form of practice, whether you’re just starting out or struggling to sit quietly for long periods.

We understand your preferences may change as you learn to be more mindful and develop your own meditation practice. For this reason, HERE encourages you to explore and choose your own path by combining different elements, each time you practice.
- Pick a theme to be the focus of your session
- Choose an interactive exercise to focus your mental state more quickly
- Select from soothing ambient sounds, upbeat music or guided meditation tracks
- Breathe, stare, swipe, or simply close your eyes to receive the benefits of your meditation practice

Meditation and mindfulness are enjoying a surge of interest as more people begin to understand the science behind the benefits a personal practice can provide. In as little as three minutes you may experience outcomes like these
- Sleep better
- Facilitate greater daily focus and clarity
- Reduce stress, anxiety, depression and panic responses
- Deal with trauma or difficult life circumstances
- Interrupt unwanted trigger patterns or cravings
- Gain a greater feeling of control over life
- Improve mind-body and emotional connections
- Clear a little needed headspace each day
- Connect to a sense of purpose in life
- Find greater inner peace and share it with those around you

HERE is a global meditation movement for World Peace that starts with you. That’s why your meditation minutes contribute to our World Peace Map. So simple, yet unalterably profound: to achieve world peace, we must each find inner peace. It is HERE, inside each of us, that we connect to a newfound composure that can brighten the world around us.
- Practice regularly to connect to greater inner peace
- Contribute your time spent meditating to our World Peace Map
- Donate if you’d like to fund trauma treatment solutions for those in need

HERE operates as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to ease human suffering by supporting organizations and treatment technologies that help crisis survivors and other individuals affected by disasters and trauma. To find out more about our foundation please visit www.hereglobal.org and join us, whether you’re a mindful beginner, or a more experienced practitioner looking for something new to try or a cause to get involved with!

What's New

Fixed an issue for Android 6.0 devices. Happy meditating!

Email: peace@hereglobalrelief.org

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