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Version1.4 (21)
UpdatedFeb 04, 2013
CategoryGames, Arcade

HEXDef ONE game

Tower Defense Game designed for Tablets and phones with big screens

Tower Defense Style Game designed for Tablets and phones with big screens with a little extra on tactics in form of transforming blocked fields.

This one is especially made for the big screens of newer devices and even with the overall interesting feature of special fields, which you can transform for your benefit - or if you fail to hold the creeps - which are working against you. No Zombies, no plants, no Robo and no medieval castle will distract you from defending the blue field.

This game is a Tower Defense Game, but the phrase "Tower Defense" was recently tradmarked by com2us. So this is not THE Tower Defense Game but a Tower Defense Like game - most merely because you build towers to defend your base. See wikipedia for a detailed description of Tower Defense Genre.
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