NEED HELP? Stay anonymous, not even your guide knows your identity

Are you confused?
Have stress, anxiety or irritation?
Need guidance from community but facing fear of society’s rejection?
Need direction from family, but chances of home violence stop you asking your parents?
Wanted to talk to your friends but fear of being bullied is stopping you?
Feel any common emotional response to opposition, related to anger, annoyance and disappointment?
Wanted to enjoy life, create a balance between life activities and efforts to achieve psychological resilience?
“HI HELP” is here to guide you anonymously.
“Happiness is the highest form of Health” -Dalai Lama.
In this society, many people face some problems and issues, which prevent them from the progress, success, happiness or fulfilment of something. Which leads them towards a complete disturbing life balance.
People with problems like these are unable to:
• Realize their full potential
• Cope with the stresses of life
• Work productively
• Make meaningful contributions to their communities
And a large proportion of these people is of teenagers, who lack guidance, direction, and proper counseling in their lives.
According World Health Organization,
• About half of these issues begin before the age of 14 and being reported across cultures.
• Regions of the world with the highest percentage of population under the age of 19 have the poorest level of mental health resources.
• Most low- and middle-income countries have only one child psychiatrist for every 1 to 4 million people.
And they always stigma and discrimination against people and families, which prevent them from seeking mental health care. This stigma can lead to rejection and isolation and exclusion people from guidance or support.
But “HI HELP” is the platform where you will find guidance from the highly qualified and capable guides. “HI HELP” will help you to remove this stigma from your life.
“HI HELP” is promising to advise you while keeping complete anonymity. You will not able to know the identity of “guide” nor will be the guide know yours.
Guides of “HI HELP” will not only listen to your problems but will also give you guidance and solutions to your problems, after understanding them, with best to their capabilities and expertise.
Process to get guidance from “HI HELP”.
• Go to app play store
• Search “HI HELP”
• Download the app
• Start conversation with “HI HELP” guide.
How we will make the whole process anonymous?
• “HI HELP” will not ask you any sort of information while using the app which can reveal your identity
• No any signup or account creation required.
• No any app permissions required before or after installation.
• Once you complete getting guidance, your conversation will automatically be discarded from the guide and your apps within 5 minutes.
• You can also discard the conversation on your own manually by pressing “Discard” button.
• If, and only if you want to save your conversation, and intent to contact the same guide in future, you will be required to sign and app demand info of only three things:
◦ Email
◦ Password
◦ Name (Can be faked)
• Even after your account creation, your identity will be kept secret and guide will not able to know your name and email address.
• Guide will not ask any personal information from you.
• You are also discouraged to share any personal information with guide.
Your peace is our concern!
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