360 घुमाएँ एक नशे की लत Android खेल है


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15 मार्च 2017
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360 Rotate GAME

360 Rotate is an addictive Android game, which you can play together with your whole family.
The game is called 360 Rotate, because you have to focus your attention in all 360 degrees. Having to focus your attention in all 360 degrees makes the game brain and reaction intensive. You will challenge your reaction time and you can compare this with your family’s results. You will have to concentrate hard in order to progress. Playing 360 Rotate even on all 360 degrees is fairly easy and may be played by the whole family -young and old. However to become an expert you will need hard practice.

How to Play:-
- Once you load the game, play on your smart mobile.
- You have to tap left or right to rotate the circle, avoiding the spikes.
- Rotate the circle degree by degree all around the 360 degrees.
- Focus your attention on each degree of rotation.
- You have to avoid the spikes.
- You have to collect the squares.
- Score as high as possible.
- Compare your reaction time and score to family members or friends.
- Use the game as a booster to boost your concentration level.
- Replay old matches.

Game Features:-
- The game has a professional smoothing design theme.

- It has a leader board where you may compare the results of your reaction to the best players in the world or to the results of your family members.

- You can clean all ads if you do not like them and you can have protection from them occurring again. Just use the ad cleaner.

- Seamless transition between screens.

Social Sites:-
You can share your 360 Rotate results with your social network on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and others.
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