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Alvargo ऐप्लिकेशन

Alvargo – On-demand Truck Hailing

An on-demand Truck-hailing app that connects individuals with the closest trucks to them to haul loads of goods from one point to another with real-time tracking of goods. Alvargo provides a mobile app and web platform that enables individuals and small businesses to connect with Drivers and request on-demand or scheduled package delivery services anytime, any day, 24/7.
Company Name: Alvargo (Pty) Ltd
Alvargo driving Partners and truck owners have vehicles in the following sizes:
• Bikes
• Bakkies/Pick-ups and Vans
• 1-3 ton, 5 ton, 10 ton, 14 tonne - tonne trucks
Effortless Logistics
Manage all your shipments on one smart mobile App. Locate the available trucks near you instantly without making multiple phone calls. Get instant price quote, book and make your payment directly within the App and monitor your shipment at every mile.
Verified Drivers
Alvargo connects you with the most suitable verified truck operator at any given point of time depending on your source, destination, material to be shipped and other details. All security & background checks are performed on all our trucking partners.
Real-time location
You get real-time location of your goods and estimated arrival time at your chosen drop-off point for your goods giving you and your customer ample time to prepare space for your goods.
Reliable Partner
Need a delivery Partner for your business? Join other businesses who use Alvargo to deliver goods to customers.
Safe, Reliable & Insured
Alvargo delivery professionals have passed a criminal and driving history check. No crimes, violence or Drink Driving allowed. Your Cargo is also protected by our comprehensive cargo insurance and liability insurance policies.
Requesting a Alvargo and tracking your delivery is easy:
• Open the app and set a pickup and drop off location.
• You can set up multiple drop off locations for the same order.
• Once you have confirmed the order you can make a payment using Cash or Card.
• A driver will be assigned to your delivery.
• Track your driver’s location on the map in real-time.
Find out more and use Alvargo on your browser at
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