Bidkart - India's best Auction & Bidding Platform APK

Bidkart - India's best Auction & Bidding Platform


अपने पसंदीदा उत्पादों पर बोली लगाएं और 90% तक की छूट पाएं!


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6 जन॰ 2021
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Bidkart - India's best Auction & Bidding Platform ऐप्लिकेशन

Presenting "Bidkart Autobidder" - find this when you place bids on normal auctions. Now you do not need to spend sleepless nights chasing your favourite products!
Use the autobidder and place bids on auctions automatically. The Autobidder smartly places your bids to conserve bids! Just put in an amount of bids and watch the autobidder place them!

At Bidkart, we run the best auctions. Simply buy bids and get the best offers on electronics, accessories, wearables and many more exciting products.

Here's why you must download Bidkart-

1) Get HUGE discounts by bidding on your favourite brands & products only at Bidkart.
2) At Bidkart you can win Phones, TVs, Smart watches, Cameras and many more
electronics and accessories.
3) Everything at Bidkart is 100% brand new, genuine, original and trustworthy.
4) Autobidder - Just enter an amount of bids and watch the autobidder magically place them while you go back to doing the things you planned!

Apart from auctions, bids and the best offers, we also focus on selling only 100% genuine products. We believe in providing fast delivery, quick returns and Cash on Delivery for every aspect of Bidkart, to enable everyone to experience our auctions.

Upcoming featured Auctions:

Mi 32 inch Smart TV
Redmi 7A
Hero Kyoto 26T Single Speed Cycle
Samsung Galaxy M10s
Nokia 6.1 Plus

… plus hundreds of other auctions every month!

How Does Bidkart Work?

1. Browse Auctions
All items sold on Bidkart are brand new. Bidkart works directly with leading retailers and brands and sells items from their own stock.

2. Buy Bids
Bids allow you to participate in the auctions that enable you to save money on best-selling brand name items. You can purchase bids in a variety of different pack sizes. Bids can be usually purchased for Rs. 5/- each. Also get 75% off on your first bid purchase! - Limited time offer only.

3. Start Bidding
All auctions start at ₹0. Each bid placed adds one penny to the final price of the item. Each bid restarts the timer to 5 minutes to allow a chance for someone else to place a bid. All items are guaranteed to sell! The items can go for as low as 99% off.

4. Buy products at massive discounts
When no more bids are placed, the last bidder wins the auction. The winner gets the item for the discounted price. Just like in a regular auction, the excitement comes from the fact that any bid can be the last one!

5. What Happens If You Don’t Win?
Don’t worry! When you don’t win you can redeem all the bids you placed as a discount of equal worth if you buy the item at its ‘Buy Now’ price listed in the auction.

Download Bidkart to find fun auctions, shopping discounts and the best offers!

Need any help with our Auctions? We’re happy to help!

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