Blast into this endless 3D Running game with your cute little cats.


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29 सित॰ 2018
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Billi Run: Ultimate 3D cat runner game GAME

Exciting and adventureous 3D Billi Run, download free and run Cute cats as fast as you can in this 3D Billi Run game. Easy controls to run left or right jump up in and go Hyperspeed with a spaceship. New 3D Billi Run is an endless runner game in a beautiful forest and toy town stage, Surfs in the subway style game, to be careful, more and more obstacle and oncoming hurdles. Try your best to rush into the beautiful forest and toy town subway scenes. Avoid from hurdles in the forest run track. In 3D Billi Run game you must need to avoid hurdles collect more coins, cookies, HP, Power-ups by jump, slide, sidestep and flat out run away in this Billi run game.

Rushes fast as you can as ninja and Tom’s girlfriend are chasing you and if you failed to dash them they will beat you. Let us start to play this endless game and escape from the jungle lost. Sometimes you do more actions apart from running like flying from a spaceship and saving the cat from the cage by dragging the keys. Dodge obstacles like forest trees, fruits, ring & focus on collection coins, Health points and you will get success. This game will check how your agility is. Dash the screen as fast as you can or you will be defeated. It is an adventurous running game with thrilling obstacles and challenges and has two new beautiful stage FOREST & TOYTOWN. This Billi Wala game is one of the best offline Android games for kids and all age group.

Make your cat Run to survive in this forest and toy town. Run as fast as you can, saving Tom from his girlfriend in this Billi game. Collect cookies and coins to unlock power-ups

Make Tom run in Different Worlds. You can unlock Tom’s Friends as well: Deli, Cious, Sushi, Rich, Ghost, Fly, Astro, Ninja, Zom, and Samu.

🐱Collect Cookies and coins to unlock Power-Ups

🐱Twisting levels with dramatic obstacles

🐱 12 New Characters with stunning Outfits and new abilities

🐱 Swipe, Jump and Go ‘Hyper Speed with a spaceship’ to survive the cat

🐱 Save the cat by dragging the keys and regain the character strength with Recovery potions

🐱 Unlock daily prizes for exclusive Rewards

🐱 An Adventure Jungle Run game for kids

🐱 Stunning Forest and Toytown Stages

🐱 Free Android running game


Cat Do not Like the Smell of Lemon because it has developed a sense of smell

The Relay can be used up to 4 times. Place a variety of cats and play the game

Recovery potions is a must have an item to revive tired cats

Once the Strength of the character gets over you have to hire new character (Cute Cats) and regain the strength of a weak cat with the help of Health Points. There Skill is activation with spaceship cameo and Go Hyperspeed with a spaceship. Just touch anywhere on the left side of the screen to move left and on the right side to move right. You will be thrilled with new characters with different colourful skills and abilities in a whole new world in an amazing graphics

Cats have different skills depending on their Ratings: Common, Rare & Epic
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