Booster for Android: ram cleaner & junk removal APK

Booster for Android: ram cleaner & junk removal


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नवीनतम संस्करण

नामBooster Cleaner APK
संस्करण10.3 (103)
अपडेट करने की तारीख23 अक्तू॰ 2021
डेवलपरApps Developer Studio
इंस्टॉल की संख्या500,000+
श्रेणीऐप्स, टूल

Booster for Android: ram cleaner & junk removal ऐप्लिकेशन

मोबाइल को बढ़ावा देने की आवश्यकता है क्योंकि यह धीमा है? बूस्टर और फोन क्लीनर यह कर सकता है!

We know how to optimize your gadget’s software!😍 Android booster has many utilities for android to make your device faster. Lack of storage memory all the time❓😡 You need clean RAM too often❓🤯 Your battery becomes overheated too fast❓😢 The way to optimization is Booster cleaner👈 

If you have some trouble with your gadget don`t become upset - maybe utilities for android embedded in Booster cleaner will help you to solve technical tasks in a couple of clicks.

What utilities does Booster cleaner can help your device to develop❓

🔥Ram cleaner

Standart programs cannot do deep device cleaning, usually, they remove only surface cash files because of the specific Software work. You can to install a utility like a Cleaner for android to free as much storage space as it could be free. 


🚀 Booster tools

When the internal and external memory is clear some files could be chaotically scattered all over the gadget storage so you need to use the optimizer utility to get files structured perfectly. This option will help apps to load faster.

❄️CPU cooler tool

Does your gadget become very fast and the battery starts to discharge one or two hours after use? The overheated battery is a widespread problem across smartphone users. This tool can force your accumulator to slow down and become cooler. 



The design is simple and modern. You will understand the function of each tool intuitively. Don`t be afraid if you haven`t used any Boosters until this moment - for Android Junk removal & CPU cooler no special instructions or knowledge are needed. 

All functions will help your gadget to start work as new again. This Booster Cleaner is app that will improve your gadget`s work, optimize your device and delete junk. As an additional option use the app manager tool for the correct management of all apps and their memory on your device and boost all of them.

👉Install now and use it all the time! All utilities are available for free. Increase the effectiveness of your android without any purchases at all with simple utilities👈

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