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संस्करण2.0 (2)
अपडेट करने की तारीख16 नव॰ 2017
डेवलपरb11 Dev
इंस्टॉल की संख्या10,000+
श्रेणीगेम, आर्केड

Curious Super George : Monkey Adventure गेम

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Curious Super George: Adventure Monkey is a running adventure game for all incredible android devices. You will discover different worlds, including a world of rabbits and zombies in the forest, an inhabited jungle goblin, of course the Lost is a brand new endless endless running game in the jungle. One more jump Get Exhilarating, Turning, Running and Running With a gameplay Slipping One and Captivating Numerous Rewards.
Discover us the new With and scorch Hero game free bananas curious George games for Kids free Jungle: Adventure Monkey, for all ages, pour them for any Particular-small, it's a free adventure game you must when run transhipment different obstacles overcoming the dangers, the time of the well, trying to collect as much as possible bananas that you find that you can unlock before the levels of the world In the game will spread beat your friends with your favorite hero curious bananas Monkey and George the hero.

It's easy to play, to tilt your phone, collector coins. The unique stage experience, like the background of the jungle

This free game George Monkey is a Beech Game Car, which will make you unrecoverable this in Mysterious Jungle Adventure which is full of monsters, Sboy, Jorgecurioso, Curious Monkey bike and also enemies. The amulets to collect or you who allow the Curious George to transfer into the hero, the hero George is much stronger comparing him scorching curious, the hero George has the ability of bombs to shoot explosives.
As a monkey steal from the vine to the vine Monkeys like AGES, the Cart Enjoy Jungle Adventure beech, the dangers of the attention of BUT to the Watchers in the jungle. Earn bananas and avoid the obstacles of the jungle game Curious Super George: Monkey Adventure.
This Curious Bike Monkey game is absolutely the Best Arcade and Performance That You read look for, curious and his friend George Games for Kids free ar ready to enjoy this Fantastic World of Bananas and Crossing All Levels to Reach Their Goals at This Jungle Adventure Super George world.

 - Curious Super George: Adventure Monkey Features:
* Course lost in the jungle
* Run for your life in the jungle
* To be a real runner
* Slide or jump into dangerous traps
* Complete task to get a reward.
* Get a daily challenge
* Upgrade accessories to get more points
* Swipe to move and jump
* Magical, dangerous and beautiful map of the jungle to explore
* Beautiful environments inspired by the film
* Roles more powerful as a secret agent in the temple
* Infinite mode of operation!
* Great design and amazing 2D game for kids with perfect control.
* Jungle Adventure SboyFor kids.
* This is the best free Curious George Games you need.
* 80 To Bogue unlock world beech (jungle, bananas, desert, lava) As you can see in the screenshots.
* Buggy beech, banana Monkey Run, Hero Adventure Games.

Do you test crazy Fan of Curious George ?? Are you an addictive cartel and bike banana adventure monkey games ?? executor

What are you waiting for !! Hurry to download, To enjoy Hero this bike Jungle Adventure Monkey fantastic Bananas and the hero still attend for your help !!
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